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Delhi Elections - AAPic Battle

Text-align: I don't expect anything better from brainless people. This the comedy I like. Thanks for doing it.
zindabad: BJP Vote Share in Delhi 32.3% in 2015 38.8% in 2020. 6.5% Increase AAP vote share in Delhi 54.3% in 2015 53.6% in 2020 . 0.7% Decrease Why no journalist is calling it moral victory like they do every time when BJP win ?
metouk: आखिरकार कांग्रेस की शतरंजी बिसात
zindabad: The defeat at the elections is possible but not this type of crushing defeat. Not only Manjo Tiwari but all Delhi BJP leaders who took active role in fighting this elections should resign from their respective posts as they have not done any serious work during last five years.

www.icicibank.com - Cannot access! For last 4 days!

Full House: Here are a few others that are in the same boat.: LINK -
MITRON: Can someone access LINK , website. For past 4 days it is inaccessible to me. I keep on getting the error below! I have tried different browsers and computers, but still same error. IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc.

Visiting Chennai after a few years & loving it !

JRF: Hahaha பாட்டும் நானே பாடலும் நானே போல.. கேள்வியும்
tamilkuravan: Sir, I am in Chennai and at Siruseri (OMR). I was there when Modi and Xi came to Kancheepuram. They passed by my house. Please contact me at 7510869618 Murali
MITRON: You mean you are making 20 Lac down payment & 80 lac will be mortgage? Or you got a steal & an impossible deal & getting a 1 crore flat for 20 Lacs? I have seen some distress selling for as much
Vandematram: Came to Chennai after a few years. Loving every minute of it. Got my Aadhaar card. Linked it to PAN card. Got a Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro phone with case and screen protector for RS.13,000 (CAD $ 260) dual SIM.

India's political landscape

Flexderec: Raghav are really entertaining
Garvo Gujarati: I really feed bad about good people who blindly supported Kejriwal even after his numbers of U-turns. Anyway things get corrected over the period of time and now the true colors of the demon are surfaced.
zindabad: psychopath - shameless Kejru begging to Sheila Dixit and Congress to do " Gathbandhan " . I remember there was an old movie " Delhi ka Thug " .. This psychopath believes that delhi people are chu**ya ...
elmer fudd: All accused in the 2G scam acquitted by CBI special court (CBI is under govt. control). Looks like BJP and DMK might be forging an alliance. I wonder how Modi will slink out of this, considering it has happened right under his nose.
zindabad: वक्त कितनी जल्दी निकल जाता है पता ही नहीं चलता .


Latest Replies

Tara Rum Pum

Text-align: I like to watch good and high-quality films, for example, to find the movie, I use the service LINK How is it?
dharm_ram: Well, are we discussing logic in Hindi movies? So far, till now there are very less movies produced with logic and digesting concept. You can rarely find some hindi movies which can be digested. But overall term for movies is just entertainment, watch it and then forget it. But I would definitely say there is always a message in any movies..whether flop, undigestable or forcing u to vomit.
yanksingh: it's releasing on aug 10 i think.
hchheda: On the contrary, I found the movie quite watchable - may not be a classic, but good movie to watch with family, especially with Kids - no skin flicks, no double meaning cheap dialogues, very clean good movie :cheers: :clap: :clap: - if we do not dwell deep into logic of every scene (there never is in most of movies either hollywood or bollywood).

travel agencies

Full House: 247 Canadian Passengers finally get to return HOME. - Canadian passengers on board a cruise ship where four people have died from the novel coronavirus will be removed from that ship and a second vessel carrying healthier passengers and repatriated back to Canada, U.S. President Donald Trump said. Trump
Full House: ChrisMyden@yyzdeals.com Get a few deals when they are posted on his website. Also look for KAYAK or Google deals. Please note that some of the greedy airlines do not give you any FREE baggage allowance. They charge for each bag. So, please check before you book. Bon Voyage. FH LINK
Full House: ChrisMyden@yyzdeals.com Get a few deals when they are posted on his website. Also look for KAYAK or Google deals. Please note that some of the greedy airlines do not give you any FREE baggage allowance. They charge for each bag. So, please check before you book. Bon Voyage. FH LINK

COVID-19 Related News

Garvo Gujarati: The health officials are in the fire-fighting mode - some in treatments, some in searching for vaccine. This might not be a time to analyze but someone really need to think what makes the Asian Countries more robust against COVID-19 as compared to western countries. The South Africa and most of the South American Countries are doing very well.
Full House: - HubJohns Hopkins University WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO DEVELOP A VACCINE FOR COVID-19? Johns Hopkins global health expert Ruth Karron discusses the work currently taking place at laboratories around the country to develop a vaccine for COVID-19 Published March 26. 2020. This week, the National Institutes of Health announced that Kaiser Permanente has begun the first clinical trial of a COVID-19 vaccine, called mRNA-1273.
Full House: TEST for COVID -19: A kit Manufactured by ABBOTT Labs of India seems to be one of the BEST one on the market. Please read and enjoy. LINK Good News. FH.

*Medical insurance for new arrival to Canada (till one is eligible for OHIP

goldeneye: Try The Co-operators. They give reasonable rate and more importantly good claims experience. i.e. wont make you run around in event of claim
Full House: Please try this Link. LINK FH. -
chandresh: *Medical insurance for new arrival to Canada (till one is eligible for OHIP)* My son and daughter in law are Canadian citizens but presently out of the country since 2018. They are non-residents as of now. They shall be returning to Canada in April to live here, and since they have been non-resident,

Regarding studying in fanshawe college london south campus, ontario, canada

goldeneye: College in Canada and courses like 30 wk diploma re like training certificates in India. Unless it is a 3 or 4 yr full time college degree or a 2 yr full time masters it is of not much use. many students who finished their engineering come to conestoga or fanshwe or lambton college just for (mostly)
Full House: You are a very ambitious individual and I am glad that you applied for a seat and secured one here in Canada and in Fanshaw College. Here when they say "COLLEGE" they just mean an Institution that provides a DIPLOMA or a Certificate. Not that they are not spreading their wings by incorporating
Meetvd: Hey there, Meet here. I have been offered the admission in fanshawe college, London south campus. The course is BUSINESS AND INFORMATION SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE. Its an 2 Year PG Diploma Course. Whats your review on that. Also I wanted to know about the Part time jobs in london and also what is status of field jobs after the completion of this course.

Newest Posts

Need Squash/Badminton partner in brampton

khushal_9099: Hi. I am looking for someone to play squash or badminton with me 2-3 times or at least once in a week. I live in Brampton near mount pleasant GO station. I am not expert in game and want to do it just for exercise. Even if you are beginner, I can teach you rules that i know and we can hit the ball. Looking forward to find a friend and a squash/Badminton buddy :) Reply back if interested. thx.

Sponsor your brother(s) and sister(s) to Canada

crazycanada: Hi Every one, Now, this is your chance to act on it. We need lots of signatures to prove our government that family reunification shouldn't be just spouse and parents. We need our brother and sister as well. So, ask your friends and family, as many people as you can to sign this petition. Sponsor your brother and sister to immigrate to Canada Sign this petition:- LINK Note: Only sign this petition if you are permanent resident or Citizen of Canada. Do not use same email address that has been used before. "Spread the word, forward along to your friends and family" Copy from "sponsor your....to spread the word....", and Paste above petition to your friends and family, and send it via whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter etc. I thank you for your time and support

rssb milton

Arorah: Hi everyone I wanted to know if there are opportunties for doing sewa in rssb milton centre.If so how can i contact and whats the stsang timings there

Low price cell phone plan with data - get rewards too

bhagatsing: Public Mobile sweet deal. xxxxx to receive a one-time $20 account credit! plus Auto pay with credit card and get $2 off every month. Refer a friend and take $1 off your payment every 30 days for every friend you refer for as long as they stay with us. Your friend will also receive a one-time BONUS $10 credit! Tell your friends to use this code xxxxxx The more you share the more rewards you earn. Enjoy friends.

Need travel companion for a senior person - September 6th -Etihad airways

desi_gta123: Hi, We are looking for a travel companion for my mother. She will be traveling from TORONTO to CHENNAI by Etihad Airways on 06-Sep-2019 via ABU DHABHI Flight EY140 and EY268. Help is much appreciated.

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