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Dadi's Kitchen

Listing ID: 103282   Posted on 13-Feb-17
Contact Details:
Contact: Dakshaben - 647-575-8844
Phone: 6475758844 

1707 Grand Trunk Crescent
Toronto Ontario M5J 3A4 

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Dakshaben - 647-575-8844

Gujarati Rotli / Roti 25 for $12 ( Amul Desi Ghee )
Thepla 10 for $12 ( with Bertolli Olive oil )
Aloo Paratha 10 for $12 ( with Bertolli Olive oil )
Gujarati Bhakri 10 for $12 ( with Bertolli Olive oil )
Jeera Paratha ( Triangle shaped / layered with Amul Desi Ghee ) – 10 for $12

Gujarati Khichdi ( Ghee ) - $8
Palak Paneer ( organic ) - $8
Aloo Palak - $8
Gujarati Kadhi - $8
Gujarati Daal - $8
Gujarati Sev Tamata - $8
Gujarati Channa Daal - $8
Urad / Udad daal - $8
Amritsari Chole - $8
Channa daal - $8
Rasawala maag - $8
Khata maag - $8
Rajama - $8
Tindora / bateta ( Dry / Chrunchy ) - $8
Gujarati Fansi ( Green beans ) Dhokli - $8
Fangavela ( Sprouted ) Maag - $8
Aloo Ghobi ( Cobi ) - $8
Cauliflower - $8
Vaal - $8

Jeera Premium Basmati rice - $8
Lemon Premium Basmati rice - $8

Stuffed Bhindi / Bharelu Bhindi - $10
Stuffed Ringda bateta - $10
Paneer Butter Masala - $10
Baingan Bharta - $10
Rajasthani Gatte - $10
Daal Makhani - $10
Rajasthani Rasawalu Bateta nu shak - $8
Dahi Wada - $10
Pav Bhaji - $12 with 2 pav
Spicy veggie kofta with red curry - $10
Gujarati Undhiyu - $12
Masala Khichdi ( Ghee ) - $10
Bundi Raita ( Liberte yogurt ) - $8
Samosa 10pcs - $10
Wada Pav - 4pcs - $8
Idli Wada Sambhar - 15pcs ( min )
Upma - $8
Pauva ( Carrot, Peas, Potato ) - $8

Basundi 1 med container for $10
Kheer 1 med container for $10
Kesari sheera ( Saffron ) 1 container for $10
Pineapple sheera ( Pineapple fruit ) - 1 container for $10
Rava sheera - 1 container for $10

Available on order ONE DAY IN ADVANCE.

Made by ORDER ONLY. Request to order 1 day in advance.

Also popular is curry or gravy for Dum Aloo, Paneer Butter masala & Veg Kofta.
“ Once a week order ( 3-4 dishes with parathas ) & Samosas, Wada Pav, Pav bhajis are most popular “

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Driving Direction

Contact Dakshaben - 647-575-8844
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