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About to appear for IELTS

I am about to appear for IELTS next week. I refferred to <advertising info rmoved> . Although I am confident with Reading & Listening section, writing section scared the shit out of me. Although I could manage to write a letter with some difficulty, I got stumbled upon writing essay. It seems to me as if I am trying to think & write as a writer :D and in doing so, simply run out of time. If I start writing as myself, I end up making lots of spelling & grammatical mistakes & end up with a writing that is loosely linked in ideas. Can some one share their views on how to tackle this mammoth task i.e. writing essay ? Tips & tricks will be appreciated.

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Hi picaso,
I hope you have referred site that i mantioned earlier.I follow one strategies and that was 3443 style for essay 2.

3->3 lines for Introduction
4->lines for supporting your Idea.(Idea with evidence)
4->lines for argument against Idea.(same as above)
3->finally summery.
(Make sure you write 250 words altogether)
I would suggest to spare first 5 minutes to make structure your essay.As everybody start writing and they get confused with Idea at middle.
Don't repeat same words in essay it will deduct your words counting.Another thing is you can write down synoym of the essay title first so you can use that words and make sentences in essay.

Sidenote:My english is not that good.I just got 6.5 in Acedemic module and I know its very less this is the strategies i used during my essay.



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IELTS is good for you if you are going the Canada or Australia and if you are going to the European country, then you just need a document that you download from promotional references removed and use it with the visa documents.

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