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Hirann Trading Enterprises Private Limited

Top Floor Saj Complex,Kumarapuram,Medical College. Trivandrum, Kerala 695011

Listing ID: 62820   Posted on 30-Jan-14

Contact Details:
Reji Vasanth
Phone: 914712551500
Cell Phone: 9387822966
Email: info (at) .


Driving Direction


Hirann Trading Enterprises Pvt Ltd
Innovative and Effective Asian Company" rel="nofollow">LINK

ambitious endeavor to taper the upcoming potential of the Indian business sector.
The Management of the Hirann Trading Enterprises Pvt Ltd has given birth to.

Hirann General Trading ->
Hirann Contractors ->
Hirann Realty & Infrastructure ->
Hirann Hospitality ->
Hirann Information Technology ->
Hirann Consultancy ->
Hirann Mining ->
Hirann Power ->
Hirann Transportaion & Logistics ->

Hirann General Trading ->

- Minerals Trade
Coal & Coke, Ore, Fluxes, Ferro Alloys, Base Metals, Fertilizer Raw Materials, Urea,Ammonium Sulphate,Di-Ammonium Phosphate,Water Soluble Fertilizers, Micro Mix, Gypsum
Caustic Soda Group- Caustic Soda Lye,Caustic Soda Flakes,Caustic Soda Prills,Liquid Chlorine,Hydrochloric Acid,Compressed Hydrogen Gas.
Special Chlorine Derivatives Group- Anhydrous Aluminium Chloride,Chlorinated Paraffin,Benzyl Alcohol, Benzaldehyde, Benzyl Chloride.
Sodium Cyanide Group- Sodium Cyanide,Sodium Ferrocyanide
Caustic Potash Group- Caustic Potash Lye,Caustic Potash Flakes,Potassium Carbonate
Chloromethane Group- Methylene Chloride,Chloroform,Carbon Tetrachloride
Phosphoric Group- Phosphoric Acid (H3PO4 - Technical Grade)
Rock phosphate (P2O5 - Technical Grade)
Calcium Chloride Group-Calcium Chloride Powder,Liquid Carbon Dioxide,
Hydrogen Peroxide Group-Hydrogen Peroxide
Water Treatment Group- Bleachwin,Scalewin,Poly Aluminum Chloride,Biowin,Stable Bleaching Powder.

-Chemical Trade
Petro Chemicals, Alkylene Oxides and Glycols, Cracker Products, Industrial Gases
Specialty Monomers, Acrylic Monobers, Plasticizers, Solvents
Care Chemicals - Superabsorber, Home Care and I&I, Formulation Technologies, Personal Care,Beauty Care Solutions
Paper Chemicals - Kaolin Clays, Paper Chemicals
Performance Chemicals - Fule and Lubricant Solutions, Oilfiled Solutions, Leather Chemicals,
Mining Solutions,Plastic Additives,Textile Chemicals,Water Solutions,Graphite Powder
Functional Material & Solutions - Catalysts - Adsorbents,Battery Materials,Chemical Catalysts,
Confined Space Air Quality,Custom Catalysts,Mobile Emissions Catalysts,Precious Metals Services,
Polyolefin Catalysts,Refining Catalysts,Stationary Emissions Catalysts,Temperature Sensing.
Coatings - Automative OEM, Autimotive Refinish, Industrical Coatings, Decorative Paints
Performance Products-Dispersions & Pigments, Adhesives, Coloration Specialities, Construction,
Fiber Bonding,Masterbatch,Paints & Coating,Print & Packaging
Performance Materials - Engineering Plastics,Biodegradable Plastics,General-purose Foams,Foams Specialities
Polyurethanes,Epoxy systems for Composites
Nutrition & Health - Pharma Ingredients & Services, Aroma Ingredients,Human Nutrition,Animal Nutrition

- Oil & Petroleum Trade
Crude Oil, Petroleum Products & Natural Gas Trading (Exploration,Production)

- Metal Trade
Scrap - Heavy Melting Scrap 1(ISRI 200-202) & Heavy Melting Scrap 2(ISRI 203-206),Steel, Sponge Iron, Pig Iron, Collector Bars, Aluminum Bars, Module Mounting System

- Leather Trade
Leather & Leather Products - Finished Leather, Performance Leather, Footwear,

- Textiles & Apparel Trade
Textiles & Apparel Products - Fabrics, Readymade Garments, Cotton Textile, Man-made Textiles, Handloom, Woolen Textiles, Silk Textiles, Jute, Carpets, Coir & Coir Products.

- Jewellery Trade
Diamonds, Gems, Pearls, Precious, Semi Precious stones, & Jewellery.

- Distribution
Automobiles, Construction, Farm & Mining Equipments, Chemicals

- Alcoholic Beverages Trade
Alcoholic spirits, India Made Foreign Liquor, Country Liquor, Beverage, Wines, Brandy, Whisky, Rum,Gin, Beer

- Timber Trade
All Timber products & Timber by products

- Agro Foods & Agro by products Trade
All Agro Foods & Agro by products

- Marine/Aqua products Trade
All Marine / Aqua Products & Marine by products

- Meat products Trade
All Meat Products & Meat by products Trade

- Dairy products Trade
All Milk & Milk by products Trade

- Vegetables Trade
All Vegetables & Vegetable by products Trade

- Rural products Trade
Art works, Handicrafts, Paintings, Sculptures Trade
Hirann Contractors ->
- Defense Contractors:
Defense Contractors in Products include Guns, Ammunition, Missiles, Military aircraft,
Military vehicles, Ships, Electronic systems, Ballistic Items and more.

- Nuclear Contractors
Nuclear Contractors in Technical Assistance, Research & Development, Nuclear fuel,
Mechanical, and construction services for Nuclear Technology for Nuclear Power Plants
who use fission to produce energy, which allow them to generate electricity on a large scale.
Hirann Realty & Infrastructure ->
- Transportation Infrastructure
- Shipping Infrastructure
- Housing Infrastructure
- Tourism Infrastructure

Hirann Hospitality ->
- Hotels & Resorts
- Motels
- Caf
- Tavern
- Refreshment Rooms
- Flight Kitchen & Mobile Kitchen.


Hirann Information Technology ->
- Hardware, Data Center & Networking Solutions
- Software Solutions
- Multimedia Solutions & Publishing
- Cyber Forensics
- Training

Hirann Consultancy ->
- Engineering Consultancy
- Environmental Consultancy
- Business Consultancy
- Mechanical & Electrical Consultancy
- Financial & Marketing Consultancy
- Human Resource Development (HRD)
- General Trading
- Transportation & Logistics
Hirann Mining ->
Minerals (Exploration,Production)
Crude Oil (Exploration,Production)
Petroleum Products (Exploration,Production)
Gas (Exploration,Production)
Hirann Power ->
Thermal Power (Installation,Production)
Nuclear Power (Installation,Production)
Hydro Power (Installation,Production)
Renewable Energy - Wind Power & Solar Power (Installation,Production)
Hirann Transportaion & Logistics ->
- Ship-owners
- Air Transportation owners
- Heavy & Light Duty Vehicle owners
- Carrier by Land, Air & Sea

Hirann Network all across the Globe:

ASIA - India, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore
AFRICA - Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, South Africa
EUROPE - Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Polland, Russia, Italy,
AMERICAS - United State of America, Brazil, Mexico, Panama

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