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Ontario Job Future

kjyoti26: Thanx sanjeevm very informative site. Hope this will help us!
sanjeevm: Your welcome! Hope it will benefit the new immigrants as well.
biomed: Thanks Sanjeev.... this site is great and very informative as well. Regards. Biomed
sanjeevm: Here is the link to a web site of Ontario govt. Hope, it would be useful for all prospective immigrants who want to get some idea about the job market and the occupation trend in Ontario. LINK

Opinion needed on QSB (Queen's School of Business)

Ash20: Good luck Vivek. By the way universities do defer admission without paying any deposit/fees. Anyhow it does not matter as you want to do MBA from Queens only. Good luck again.
vivek901: Well one thing is sure..i.e I want to do my MBA.I sent in 2,000 $ because it is a general rule..why would a university defer when i am dont pay them.So I am sure that I will do MBA..this year or next year....but i will do it for sure..
Ash20: Why you sent $2K if you are asking for deferral. Usually universities do defer admission easily and even if they have not deferred it, you can always apply again (more than likely you will get admission again and yes you do have to pay admission fees, etc.). Now, if you decide not to do MBA then you probably will loose $2K. Regarding getting job, freakoutguy has already replied in details.
vivek901: Deposit amount of 2000 $ sent.. Request for Deferral sent... Now lets wait and accept whatever that happens as a signal from god..I am sure that my efforts won't go waste

Got my canadian PR, need to get my VISA Stamping done at Vancouver

Nationwidevisas: Thanks for A2A. Well, honestly speaking job offer is not mandatory to immigrate to Canada. There are few popular pathways to immigrate to Canada without a job offer such as Express Entry program, provincial nominee program, and investor program. Let us discuss these programs in brief one by one. Express Entry Program It is an excellent option for individuals planning to move to Canada without a job offer.
imcan2006: The following is the conversation I had with the officer at canadian border: Officer: Purpose visit? Me: Just said settling in canada (did not mention that I am going for stamping) Officer asked me: Did you find a home? Me: Not yet! will stay with my friend. Officer: Did you find a job. Me: I will look for a job soon. I know its hard to get a green card in USA, but I prefer staying in canada for 3 years and apply for canadian citizenship.
Janmeja: i have a cousin in seatle who gave up his pr thinking hell get his green card soon. its been 7 yrs since.

Best PNP program

Garvo Gujarati: Best depends on many factors such as the person's background etc. The following are some of the best PNP programs, generally speaking. Saskatchewan Express entry program Saskatchewan Occupation in demand program Ontario Human Capital Priorities stream Manitoba Skilled Worker overseas program Nova Scotia Express entry demand program You can also visit the to get more details.
Canada immigration: Can anyone suggest which is the best PNP porgram

Starting with Cryptocurrency

Carson24: A month later, I already started receiving the first passive income after I registered on the site LINK, because my friends told me that this is a very popular crypto exchange.
Full House: The Stock markets were tanking as I write this. The TECH Stocks are taking a beating. The news that triggered all of this is one of intrigue! The say that they want the CFO of Huawei on Bank Fraud Charges. And I wanted to know more. When it appears in Black and White, you will also get to know. At that time I noticed BTC the topic of discussion was at $3444 and was just floating around that level for a good while.
Full House: Last night the BITCOIN was quoted at a 3990 level and it looked like it took quite a beating in the last 10 days. They were saying something about regulations and SEC getting into int and a few Rules and Regulations entering the picture. A few of them said that the EXCESSES that the owners enjoyed all these months were wiped out and they are now skimming on thin ice.

India Discussions - Cannot access! For last 4 days!

Full House: Here are a few others that are in the same boat.: LINK -
MITRON: Can someone access LINK , website. For past 4 days it is inaccessible to me. I keep on getting the error below! I have tried different browsers and computers, but still same error. IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc.

List of Indian Nuclear Scientists who died mysterious deaths

Blue_Peafowl: The World is purely chess game.... but they play on bigger dangerous scale... not all of it outsider's work some of them is our own work ( traitor, secret etc...) better to just stay away from those dirty tricks...
RBO: 11 nuclear scientists had unnatural deaths during a four year period from 2009-13 in the country, as per the latest data provided by Department of Atomic Energy. Out of them, eight scientists and engineers

Indian Bank : FACTA declaration

humptydumpty: The circular implies we need to provide the SIN number... Can anyone confirm?
humptydumpty: Hello, I am having the same issue. My application is rejected and they are asking for the SIN number. I am very reluctant to give the information. Did anyone manage to get a NRI account without the SIN .
dan: Sept 2018 and all financial info will be shared between CRA and indian tax authorities-the link above says it all
gollu: Just received a FATCA notification from ICICI Bank where I have a NRE/NRO acc. Is this now mandatory, even for Canadian citizens with OCI? This looks like its more targeted towards the US citizens with
soberflier: Hey Fido, Did you work or have a mailing address in the US ever and share that with that bank? Cheers

Will the mobile from India work in Canada?

Warrior: Sometimes you may have to manually set the frequency. Almost all triband gsm phones from India had the 1900 band and you just go to the network settings inside the phone menu and select the 1900 frequency. There is no provider that uses only 850 band here in Canada, AFAIK.
Maharaj: As long as your Triband have 850/1900 - it will work everywhere here in Canada & US. But Triband phone in India won't have at least one of 850/1900. In India you need 900/1800 frequency phone. Your Triband may not work in some area if it does not support 850.
Fido: Thats true my tri band did not work here and I had to send it back.
DesiJatt: Dont know about Canada, the GSM frequencies are different in US from India. I believe you need quad band handset / instrument (& not tri-band) to work in North America. Can some one confirm this .... Thanks :cheers:

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Making new Friends

HV: Hi Guys Never tried this. Looking to make Family Friends. We have 2 children 9 and teen. We are in punjabi, in brampton. We are not new to Canada. Just want to connect with new people. Love to hang out with Families to laugh and have fun with kids . Hope to make new friends HV

Best Indian Astrologer in Toronto | Astrologer psychicshivanand

shivanand: Astrologer in Toronto Shivanandji has profound information in crystal gazing. He has hypothetical information. has learned and thought Indian Vedas. He have dominated LINK of the 5 Vedas in Indian crystal gazing. Additionally dominated numerous crystal gazing books and got different endorsements from school. This significant information in him has made him chill out to peruse the lines in the palm, do confront perusing and future forecast. Best astrologer in Toronto Furthermore, has great involvement with soothsaying field. He has met LINK various customers in various nations. He has made a trip to in excess of nations and have customers in more than nations. Individuals have

IOT Testing Services | Sasken

Saskentechnology: Sasken provides IOT Testing Services, Artificial intelligence for automotive applications, Communication services,V2X,etc. we all knowns the importance of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, Manufacturing, Operations, Marketing, Technology, etc. AI give give insights into user behaviour and give recommendations based on the data. For more information visit us on: LINK

World's No.1 Home Elevators

eliteelevators: Elite Elevators is one of the top home elevators company. We are providing Home Lifts, Residential Elevators, Stair Lifts, Platform Lifts, Cog Belt Home Elevators, Gearless Residential Lifts and Hydraulic Home Elevators for Small House, Villas, Bungalows, Buildings and Luxury Homes to all over India. Elite Elevators have established itself as the #1 Home Elevators Company in India. Our residential elevators are manufactured by ThyssenKrupp Access in a special facility in Pisa, Italy & follow European Standards of Home Lifts. These home lifts can be installed at under construction houses as well as existing homes, as our home elevators are tailor-made, pit less, they require no shaft & no machine room. Contrary to traditional & commercial lifts in India, our lifts are strictly manufactured for residential purpose for Duplexes, Bungalows, residential buildings & Villas.

Looking for insurance agency

Jacobhenry_: Hello everyone! My friend recently purchased a new home in Stratford. She inquired about home insurance with me. Since I'm not much aware of home insurance, I thought of getting suggestions from here. I hope you would help. While discussing this with my other friends, one of them suggested an agency named Orr insurance and investment, but I haven't heard more about their service. Does anyone have any idea about it? Please let me know if you are aware of any other reputable agencies.


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