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RICHMOND HILL: 2 BR Basement Apartment Richmond Hill
(Apartment and House Rentals )
MISSISSAUGA: Quality Assurance / Software Testing Training + Project
(Private Tuition and Training Providers)
MISSISSAUGA: Room for rent, working professional / graduate student.
(Paying Guest Accommodations )
MISSISSAUGA: AWS Certification Training in Toronto
(Private Tuition and Training Providers)
MISSISSAUGA: SAP HCM Core Concepts from North American Professional
(Software Consultancy)
MISSISSAUGA: SAP SAC, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau- Get trained to work.
(Private Tuition and Training Providers)
SURREY: private room avilable in surrey
(Cars and Other Automobiles to Buy/Sale)
MISSISSAUGA: Room for Short/Long term rent, for professional / graduate students
(Rooms for Rent/Share, Roomates)
STONEY CREEK, : For sale Indian Food restaurant
(Business for sale/buy)
MISSISSAUGA: room renting at basement and / or main floor
(Basement Apartment Rentals)
BRAMPTON : 2 Bedroom 1 Bath
(Basement Apartment Rentals)
MISSISSAUGA: Home Sweet Home - Paying Guest accommodation available 4 Professional
(Apartment and House Rentals )
BRAMPTON : One Bedroom Basement for rent in Brampton
(Basement Apartment Rentals)
VANCOUVER: 2023 Specialized Turbo Levo Comp
(Cars and Other Automobiles to Buy/Sale)
TORONTO: Online Live 2in1 AWS Architect and Security Course Starting 14Jan2023
(Private Tuition and Training Providers)
BRAMPTON: 2 Bedroom Basement For Rent
(Basement Apartment Rentals)
WATERLOO: 1 bedroom available starting January 2023
(Rooms for Rent/Share, Roomates)
VAUGHAN: 2BR basement apt for rent
(Basement Apartment Rentals)
SCARBOROUGH: 1 plus den 2 WR brand new condo in north york for rent $2750 PM
(Apartment and House Rentals )
(Rooms for Rent/Share, Roomates)

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Who wrote "Jalkamal chandi ja ne bala"?

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rajand: It is Narsinh Mehta. My wife is sure about it. I was also listening to RadioofIndia today. The link of it is given on CD itself & this was the 2nd song which came on it. The announcer said that it is written by Narsinh Mehta. Rgds.
BlueLobster: Thanks guys! I asked a couple of other people and it seems like it Narsinh Mehta. I'll look for the cd over the weekend, Kathiawadi. Thanks.
rajand: My wife tells me it is written by Narsinh Mehta. Don't know of a link. Rgds.
kathiawadi: forgot who wrote it...but i remember we had to memorize that kavita..i mean we had to kanthastha...i have a CD named Hari Tu Gaadu Maru Kya Lai jaay..wonerful bhajan sangrah...will find it from any CD place...

Business immigration lawyer

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hchheda: Want to promote a lawyer (probably himself) ... :D Any idea how to move that business to Canada? ;)
Gurram: Tell us more details of your problem !!!! You can incorporate your business in Canada ... as a seperate business or branch of your compnay in US
johncantor: I am facing some problems while I am trying to shift my business to Toronto. I am trying to get the appointment of Xxxxxxxx. If I didn't get it, I need a backup solution. This case is regarding shifting of my business firm from Washington to Toronto. So I need to clear these issues soon. Can somebody tell me some good business immigration lawyers in Canada.

Power Of Attorney (PoA) - Property Registration in India

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ani1970: Thank you guys for your feedback ..much appreciated ! My Canadian Lawyer also advised me to make the POA via Indian lawyer (and then notorized here (like meitsme has mentioned) forum folks are saying to do the attestation via Indian High Commision in Toronto and not notorized via Canadian Lawyer ...I am still checking the options :) Ani
san-hugo: 1. Make a new Power of Attorney (POA) in Canada. Lawyer Cost approx $100. (If you are in India and you made the POA in India, then before leaving India, you need to register the POA.) 2. Go to Shared Services Bureau (Document Services) and get a certificate for the lawyer who made your POA. Cost $17 3.

Best CBD Oil Tinctures

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Current Citizenship Application Processing Time For Toronto

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april 08: We received your application for Canadian citizenship (grant of citizenship) on April 3, 2008. We sent you a letter acknowledging receipt of your application(s), and a study book called A Look at Canada on April 3, 2008. Please consider delays in mail delivery before contacting us. We started processing your application on June 4, 2008.

India Discussions

e-Tourist Visa for India

evopync: 2006 Jun; 20 2 261- 70 <a href=>lasix and sulfa allergy</a>
Canada_Ka_Bhikari: The requirement was there last year too. Your wife just got lucky. Depending on the whims and fancies of the agent, you can get off easily or be harassed further. Even if you overstay your visit by a few days, I don't think they are going to Catch you on your way OUT of India.
febpreet: Looks like a Renunciation cert IS required for the Tourist visa. From the checklist: Additional documents for Former Indian Nationals Applying for tourist Visa (Photocopies) - Last Held Cancelled Indian
northyork_desi: I dont think the renunciation certificate is a requirement for visit visa or tourist visa, but only for OCI. Do call BLS/CGI and inquire. If the stay is expected to last longer than 30 days, its better to get regular visit visa.

Indian Bank : FACTA declaration

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humptydumpty: The circular implies we need to provide the SIN number... Can anyone confirm?
humptydumpty: Hello, I am having the same issue. My application is rejected and they are asking for the SIN number. I am very reluctant to give the information. Did anyone manage to get a NRI account without the SIN . - Cannot access! For last 4 days!

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Full House: Here are a few others that are in the same boat.: LINK -
MITRON: Can someone access LINK , website. For past 4 days it is inaccessible to me. I keep on getting the error below! I have tried different browsers and computers, but still same error. IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc.

Canada Customs Importing a Laptop

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Full House: Canada Customs Importing a Laptop _____________________________________________________ It is hard to determine how popular these brands are and the resolution of the screens and the Drivers that
brown_bear: Thanks to all who replied. I myself did a little more research on this item and here is what I found. I will be charged GST+PST on the $200. (The first $800 will be duty free) . That will be about
tamilkuravan: Febpreet ! Good one ! My experience of having been to the USA numerous times is that they first check only the trunk. If there is nothing in the trunk that was bought then they donot check the inside. As

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Babbu13: Hi All, If anyone is traveling to India from Toronto in Oct via Emirates can you please let me know. My mother is travelling first time alone and looking for travel companion. I would great appreciate it if anyone is willing to accompany her. Many thanks.

Need a travel companion from Toronto to India- Travel date in Oct

Babbu13: Hi All, If anyone is traveling to India from Toronto in Oct via Emirates can you please message me. My mother is travelling first time alone and looking for travel companion. She cannot write or speak English. I would great appreciate it if anyone is willing to accompany her. Many thanks.

Making new Friends

HV: Hi Guys Never tried this. Looking to make Family Friends. We have 2 children 9 and teen. We are in punjabi, in brampton. We are not new to Canada. Just want to connect with new people. Love to hang out with Families to laugh and have fun with kids . Hope to make new friends HV

Best Indian Astrologer in Toronto | Astrologer psychicshivanand

shivanand: Astrologer in Toronto Shivanandji has profound information in crystal gazing. He has hypothetical information. has learned and thought Indian Vedas. He have dominated LINK of the 5 Vedas in Indian crystal gazing. Additionally dominated numerous crystal gazing books and got different endorsements from school. This significant information in him has made him chill out to peruse the lines in the palm, do confront perusing and future forecast. Best astrologer in Toronto Furthermore, has great involvement with soothsaying field. He has met LINK various customers in various nations. He has made a trip to in excess of nations and have customers in more than nations. Individuals have

IOT Testing Services | Sasken

Saskentechnology: Sasken provides IOT Testing Services, Artificial intelligence for automotive applications, Communication services,V2X,etc. we all knowns the importance of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, Manufacturing, Operations, Marketing, Technology, etc. AI give give insights into user behaviour and give recommendations based on the data. For more information visit us on: LINK


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