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(Rooms for Rent/Share, Roomates)
SCARBOROUGH: Two Bedrooms Basement Available immediately in Scarborough
(Basement Apartment Rentals)
BRAMPTON: Brand New Two Bedrooms Basement for Rent
(Basement Apartment Rentals)
TORONTO : For rent Walk-In Basement, 1 Bedroom from September 1st $1,100
(Basement Apartment Rentals)
(Basement Apartment Rentals)
MISSISSAUGA: 2BR Basement for Rent
(Basement Apartment Rentals)
BRAMPTON: 4+2 bed room Full house for Lease/Rent From August 1st,2021
(Apartment and House Rentals )
MILTON: Basement for rent in Milton
(Basement Apartment Rentals)
PUNE: Vaser Liposuction
(Beauty Services (Facial, Hair-Cut, Waxing etc))
MISSISSAUGA : 2 bedroom + 1 bathroom basement appartment for rent
(Real Estate Buy/Sale)
SCARBOROUGH : 1 bedroom condo in Scarborough
(Apartment and House Rentals )
ETOBICOKE: Basement for Rent from Aug 1st- Only Vegetarian, no smoking , no pets
(Cars and Other Automobiles to Buy/Sale)
(Rooms for Rent/Share, Roomates)
MISSISSAUGA: Carnatic Vocal Lessons
(Dance, Music, Arts and Culture Training)
TORONTO: Software Testing Training in Toronto- Aug 7, 2021
(Software Consultancy)
MISSISSAUGA: Health & Dental for Business Owners
(Business to business)
MISSISSAUGA: Elevator Repair and Installation
(Home base services)
NORTH YORK: 1 Bdrm + Den Condo for rent - Gujarati working Professional August 1st
(Apartment and House Rentals )
MARKHAM: Markham House Rent Lease
(Apartment and House Rentals )
SCARBOROUGH: Paying Guest Accommodation Available immediately [for MALE only]
(Paying Guest Accommodations )

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Wedding Music

Docketook: Last weekend I was at my sister's wedding and there was a wedding welcome sign LINK that really impressed me with their beauty and how stylish they looked.
DesiStud: Hi. So i'm doing a wedding for a friend and am looking for some hits (old and new), Pakistani and Indian hits music wise. HAS to be dancable. Thanks for your help.

RRSP withdrawal staying in Canada

Antoniosky: Can I contact admin?? It is important. Thank.
MITRON: Maximum CPP is $ 1,200/month and OAS is $ 615/month. So potentially after retirement each one of you can get $ 1,800/month in just OAS & CPP, plus your company pension, plus your RRSP withdrawal.
MITRON: Check LINK Good information there.
MITRON: Canada is a welfare state. People who never contributed to RRSP get a nice GIS from the government in old age! But people who contributed their hard earned money into RRSP get no GIS as withdrawal from RRSP puts them in a high income bracket & hence ineligible gor GIS. But they will still get OAS & CPP though.
MITRON: Both OAS & CPP are also taxable income. GIS is not taxable income. Both OAS & CPP also have a spousal benefits attached under certain conditions if you pass away. So if you withdraw your RRSP when you are getting your OAS & CPP & Company pension - you will be basically paying tax on 4 sources of

Moving to Mississauga in June

pr13: try the apartments on intersection of Glen Erin and Aquitaine. School is close by. Lake is beautiful in summer
hali: let me know your phone contacts at to discuss.
tocanada2017: Thanks a ton!!
Canada_Ka_Bhikari: 1. Depending on the age of the kid. 1 BR will be enough. Otherwise 2 BR. Generally $ 300 difference in rent between the two. 2. Usually its 1 yr lease. Short term sub-lease might be there, but 1 year is standard for regular lease. 3. Only give first and last month rent. NO security deposit or any other fees can be charged.
tocanada2017: Hello respected members, I'm in the process of moving to Mississauga from the US and looking for information on accommodation, safe neighbourhoods etc. My work location is near Hurantorio St / Milverton Dr. My primary questions are: 1. What are some of the areas I can look at for renting a 2 BR, 1.5/2 Ba apartment? Will this be an overkill for a family of 3? 2.

Essay Writing Service in Canada

vindedits: Hey, I'm a US born Indian who then immigrated to Canada. I would love to help others out with their essay writing specifically from our community. I've helped my friends and cousins who wanted to come across the ocean and know that this is a useful service! I just opened up a "Fiverr" account to do this type of editing.
nakibi5: Yes, it is not so easy for Canada to find a quality essay writing service, but I know another one LINK Excellent service, I used it many times and there were no problems with it, so I recommend it to you too) Great price and quality
DashikiCrowd: A lot of my friends fell into the hands of scammers and lost money. It can be simply avoided, the most important thing is to include your head. What is important in such essay services? Professional writers, 24/7 support, and reviews! This is all that will make your essay worthy of a high score.  Service

PEO Technical Exams

P.Eng me please: Hi Everyone, I was just wondering if someone can help or guide me in the right direction. I have an industrial engineering degree from an accredited university in another country but unfortunately the PEO are still insisting on me doing exams. I need to sit the exams this a month and I was wondering
Hasni: Hi folks, I am also in the same boat, looking for assistance (in the shape of material / coaching) to write the technical exams. I have a mechanical engineering degree. Further to this would like to comment on few posts of this thread. Full House - Please inbox me the contact details for the guy who can help me with these exams.
I_help_engineers: Hi, Great question. Yes, PEO will compare your degree to a Canadian equivalent and then assign exams if there are any gaps. My company helps aspiring exam writers with the process and we have seen international applicants having to write between 1 and 15 exams! Hopefully, you weren't required to write too many.

India Discussions

Indian Bank : FACTA declaration

humptydumpty: The circular implies we need to provide the SIN number... Can anyone confirm?
humptydumpty: Hello, I am having the same issue. My application is rejected and they are asking for the SIN number. I am very reluctant to give the information. Did anyone manage to get a NRI account without the SIN .
dan: Sept 2018 and all financial info will be shared between CRA and indian tax authorities-the link above says it all
gollu: Just received a FATCA notification from ICICI Bank where I have a NRE/NRO acc. Is this now mandatory, even for Canadian citizens with OCI? This looks like its more targeted towards the US citizens with
soberflier: Hey Fido, Did you work or have a mailing address in the US ever and share that with that bank? Cheers

Will the mobile from India work in Canada?

Warrior: Sometimes you may have to manually set the frequency. Almost all triband gsm phones from India had the 1900 band and you just go to the network settings inside the phone menu and select the 1900 frequency. There is no provider that uses only 850 band here in Canada, AFAIK.
Maharaj: As long as your Triband have 850/1900 - it will work everywhere here in Canada & US. But Triband phone in India won't have at least one of 850/1900. In India you need 900/1800 frequency phone. Your Triband may not work in some area if it does not support 850.
Fido: Thats true my tri band did not work here and I had to send it back.
DesiJatt: Dont know about Canada, the GSM frequencies are different in US from India. I believe you need quad band handset / instrument (& not tri-band) to work in North America. Can some one confirm this .... Thanks :cheers:

India's political landscape

Garvo Gujarati: The states elections are supposed to be thrilling in many sense. While the BJP is supposed to expand it's national footprint, the states the elections are being fought (except Assam) are always about the state and state based political parties.
Full House: Up until an year ago I used to hear about tik-tok in a lot of news and announcements. Then all of a sudden they all changed it to Quick-Take. I never investigated it to find the right reason. Now tik-tok is a thing of the past.
Flexderec: Why is tiktok being blocked in India? I see post here xxxxxx What do you think about it? How to bypass blocking?
Flexderec: Raghav are really entertaining
Garvo Gujarati: I really feed bad about good people who blindly supported Kejriwal even after his numbers of U-turns. Anyway things get corrected over the period of time and now the true colors of the demon are surfaced.

Covid-19 test requirement for travelers from Toronto to Ahemdabad

Full House: Nucleic acid-based testing is also called PCR, or molecular testing. This test is the gold standard used in Canada and abroad to diagnose active COVID-19 infection in patients with symptoms.Aug 26, 2020 Take
RBO: Hello, My parents had a pre-booked tickets for 23rd August, 2020 to fly from Toronto to Ahmadabad but Air India canceled their flight because of ongoing Coronovirus issue. Now Air India asking to

Newest Posts

OHIP Card on PGWP and changing a job within 6 months

sajmad: Dear Experts, I had applied for an OHIP under PGWP and valid until PGWP expiry. During the issuance of OHIP, I had to submit a letter form the current employer stating that i shall be continuing to work with them for at least 6 months full time. My question is , If I change my job earlier than 6 months with the current employer and move to another employer offering also a full time what will be the impact on my OHIP.


Nidhi shihora: Hi everyone, my mother in law is traveling to Ahmedabad from Toronto this june.Date not fixed. May I know if someone is traveling in May or June? We need company for her she can’t speak English.

No advertising in Charcha

noiresit: Please post ads in classified sections.

Citizenship of Malta available for investors

Garvo Gujarati: For those who are looking for acquiring a citizenship of another country for a better life, Malta can provide a great opportunity. Especially for those who have enough money. The citizenship comes with lots of benefits such as EU Passport and travelling to most of the world Visa free. The entire family can get residency immediately and citizenship after 3 years. Malta is an island, situated in the beautiful Mediterranean sea. They have a limit on the number of applications per year. It's an English speaking country as well! Investment Requirements Qualifying investments is any amount between CD$ 1M to 2M (INR 6 Crore to 12 Crore). Investment 1: Contribution Any individual or his family member applying is supposed to contribute to the National Development and Social Fund organized by the Government and run by a board of trustees.

Anyone appeared in technical exam with PEO for his P.Eng recently

Hasni: Dear friends, If anyone has appeared in technical exam with PEO for his P.Eng, please share your experience as to how did you do the preparation, where did you get the material / old questions papers from, was it an open book. Also is it true that if you are assigned 4 subjects and you clear two scoring more than 60%, rest gets exempted. I will greatly appreciate all this info. Would be of great help to me as i am a mechanical engineer and about to start this journey. Thank you !


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