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RPA: Robotics Process Automation (Blue Prism) with Job Assist

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Toronto Ontario  

Robotic Process Automation (RPA – BluePrism) provides organizations like yours with an agile digital workforce that follows rule-based business processes and interacts with the systems in the same way that existing users currently do. Blue Prism enables this, but in a way that is far more efficient. It’s also secure, consistent, reliable and scalable. Importantly Blue Prism complements traditional IT solutions such as BPM and front office productivity tools. It provides a universal and consistent back office automation platform with embedded controls and governance that is code-free and managed by the organization itself.

This course provides a crisp yet comprehensive knowledge of Blue Prism, one of the major RPA tools available in the market today.

RPA is a booming field with tons of job openings. It’s the best way to enter IT for non-coders.

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Course Overview:
1. Introduction to RPA Framework
2. Functions, Datatypes, Debugging using RPA tools
3. Objects & Workflow
4. Design, Develop and Deploy Bots
5. PDD's & SDD's
6. VIBIO & Control Rooms
7. Manage Work Queues
8. Surface Automation
9. Blue Prism/Uipath Focus

Anybody who wants to pursue a career in IT, Any graduate, QA, BA, Fresher.

RPA is the Easiest way to enter into IT field:
The easiest way to enter IT field for Housewives or just about anyone who has a passion for tech!

RPA is emerging technology and many companies shifting towards RPA. There are many job openings in the market, stay ahead of the curve. We have successfully trained Many students, and many have gotten placed in top banks across Canada.

New batch will be starting Soon.

Our Trainer is Blue Prism certified, working professional with 12+ years of overall experience in Java Development and 3 + years in RPA and successfully implemented many projects, He is currently working for one of the largest Bank in Toronto as an RPA Developer.

RPA is Highly Demanded skills and increasing its demand Day by Day. inTellee focusses on the industry need technologies like Robotic Process Automation which provide huge scope for vast career growth for Blue Prism developer and RPA testers. RPA is applicable to the digital workforce for all enterprise-level applications for atomization of daily routine tasks, activities to speed up and avoid human errors, as a result, the productivity can be increased.

So many companies are looking to automate their work with Robotic Process Automation tools like Blue Prism, UiPath and Automation Anywhere. About 5+ Million jobs will be available around the globe for the next upcoming years for automation & robotics industry. (As per market research). RPA professionals get Highly paid pay package (as per market research).

What exactly is RPA?

To delve more into the technical aspect, RPA, Robotic Process Automation is an emerging form of technology based on the automation of processes, governed by business logic and systematic inputs aimed at streamlining business functions. The robots developed in RPA are invisible, however, they stay in your system and do major tasks such as process mining, inputting data, outputting, monitoring, controlling the processes to avoid the errors and producing quick results faster than the human could ever achieve.

Algorithms are used to create models and to power the rule-based decision making of bots that drive activities and outcomes based on their input data, variables, structure, and goals. RPA works at the presentation layer and mimics the human user activities precisely.

Job Assistance:

100% Job Assistance (Resume Preparation, Mock Interview, Reference, Job Assistance)

We have our own job Board at Telegram . Many candidates got placed.

Why inTellee Information Technology?
Training by industry-rich experienced and certified professionals
Practical, real-time simulated, fully Hands-on training
Interactive sessions with interview QA’s, Group discussions & brainstorming sessions
Real-time projects-based scenarios
Certification Help & Career development guidance
Competitive & affordable course fees with instalment options
Co-op & Job assistance*
Resume Preparation, Mock interviews (1 Technical + 1 HR interview)
Free Access to Question Bank
Free Access to Study material
Live/Capstone Projects

For more details:
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CALL US AT: +1-647-741-0309

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*(Conditions apply): – All rights reserved with inTellee Information Technology Inc. and all decisions will be made by the management of inTellee Information Technology. Management has all rights to make/change in decisions/policies as and when applicable.

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