Online Security Guard Training Including First Aid Across Ontario

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Get your security guard license and start working as a security guard. We are a Ministry approved security guard training agency and offer online security guard training including the required First Aid and CPR training in cities across Ontario for $199 + HST and $119 + HST not including first aid:

First aid training continues to run since health and safety training is considered essential. Already have your first aid? Complete the online security guard training only for $119+HST.

We have worked as a security guard ourselves and know what it is like getting started. We do not believe in false promises that some security guard training agencies promote. The course includes:

- Over 80 video lessons and real world examples to help you become job ready
-Mobile friendly course system accessible on phones, tablets and desktops
- Over 110 quiz questions, 300 practice test questions and assignments for each section to prepare you for your Ministry test
-Students may qualify to receive their Training Completion Number right after completion instead of waiting 2-3 days like other providers. In all other cases within 24 hours. We issue the Training Completion Number ourselves and not through another agency.
-Access course right away after payment unlike other providers where you have to wait for the course to be activated
-Once enrolled, current students can earn referral bonuses for others they refer
-Direct access to the instructors for any questions and recommendations for companies to apply for afterwards
-Take as long as you need to complete the course. No time limits on course access
-If unable to access the course for any reason after payment, a full refund will be provided as long as you did not access any module
-If you do not pass the Ministry test for any reason you can take the course again for free

Feedback on our course:

"The course at Ontario Security Hub was well organized and did a great job at prepping me to start working in the industry. It also helped me achieve a 93% on my exam."

"Fantastic course really hard to pick just a couple of sections that stood out. I enjoyed them all and found them all to be highly informative and useful. The Instructors and the information so greatly appreciated. I can picture myself doing this job as I was going through the course. Thank you!"

"A very good variety of videos and written material I feel the course lends itself to people who have different learning modes ie. (visual, oral and written). I would refer this course to friends because of the variety and the ability to correct your answers to the questions is very helpful in learning and reviewing."

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