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Great wholesale rates for scarves, coin purses, compact mirrors etc

Listing ID: 110029   Posted on 10-May-23
Contact Details:
Danielle Gonsalves 

Battleford Road
Mississauga Ontario  

Hi, I am freelancing for a great wholesaler for the above items and much more…Umbrellas, pen sets, rosaries, baptismal small gift sets, beautiful compact mirrors, handmade and other delicate fashion jewellery, delicate chains, bracelets, earrings, pearl sets etc.

As, I have just started freelancing, I will only be shipping products close to areas near Mississauga and will only accept transfer payments.

For all genuine enquires, I could give you rates and will be uploading a few pictures of the products that, I am promoting.

Thank you,

Danielle Gonsalves

As, I have just

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