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Free telephonic/video call medical consultation

Listing ID: 110180   Posted on 13-Sep-23
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Syed Abid Raza
 4162621643   4162621643 

145 145 Hoover Park Drive
Whitchurch Ontario L4A 1T3 

I was a medical doctor back home with over 15 years of experience in internal medicine. In Canada I passed Medical council of Canada evaluation exam, Medical council of Canada qualifying exam 1. After that I took written exam in internal medicine and scored 74% marks but despite good score I was not called for interview. I can help you understand your disease and advice accordingly. I can't prescribe medicines because I am not registered in Canada. First 2 consultation will be free after that it will be $25 per consultation. If your disease is little complicated, I can discuss that with my brother Dr. Syed Kazim Raza (google his name if you want) who has board certification in internal medicine in USA, even if needed I can arrange you to talk to him directly.

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