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One bedroom and one bath tesla homes for sale

Listing ID: 110325   Posted on 23-Apr-24
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Burlington Ontario  

We are a distribution and service company working with Tesla Homes. We have several units, we install and service tesla homes. We can give you a qoute on a new home in 1 hour, just tell us your address.

1.Low cost and easy to shipping (Save freight);
2.Light steel structure (reliable frame);
3.Flexible layout and design;
4.Easy and quick assemble and no need special trained labors;
5.Extensive and flexible application.

*We Deliver Nationwide*
• We’ve been in this industry for over 25+ years and have thousands of happy customers
• Credited with the Better Business Bureau and Google with plenty of reviews and an A+ rating
• All units pass 3 inspections, last inspection is 25 point Signed off inspection
• We don't move containers! Only deliver purchased units.

5 Year Structural Warranty
These are wind and water tight
• No leaks or holes! Complete pest and rodent proof
• Good solid floors no soft spots
• Doors and gaskets work properly
• Minimal surface rust and dings!

Contact us for more info

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