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Equinoxe BC Virtual Clinic

#608-207 West Hastings St. Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 1H7

Listing ID: 63675   Posted on 12-Sep-17

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   8885475575   equinoxebc12 (at) .
Equinoxe BC Virtual Clinic offers convenience and innovation in
online medical care to residents of in British Columbia, Ontario and
surrounding areas. Our family physicians in Toronto and Vancouver are
ready to plan your consultation and answer any questions you may have
with the help of the app whenever you need this. EQ Virtual clinic
was created to help British Columbians get their medical
care online from anywhere in BC and ON. Check our clinics today to
get the medical care you deserve by speaking with a reputable family
doctor and mental health practitioner in Richmond.
Visit your family doctor from where you are in Mississauga and Victoria.
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