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    Dear friends,

    I have been here since last three years. I would like to say something about my first year in Canada.

    When I left India, I was dreaming that now I am going to heaven where people earn lots of money with fewer efforts as our relatives, back home think.

    When I landed on Pearson airport that was my first journey in plane, so naturally I was exited at that time. On the way from airport to home (via 401) in the evening time was very exiting.

    From the next day, I had to do all the necessary formalities to a very new country where people are talking that; they do not have time for others (and they say this thing while watching movie). However, some lucky persons find good peoples who support them in all areas.

    After receiving SIN Card, I started job search. I am a Civil Engineer and have lots of experience in the field. Unfortunately, I do not have any experience in design, so I was not able to get job in my field.

    I noticed that if you have experience in design you could find a job in Civil engineering field. It is hard to work outside (exposed weather). I was surprised when they demand Canadian experience from the person who landed before 20 days.

    I passed four-five months doing job from agency. At last, I got odd field job in PCB Industry and since that day till today, I am doing that job and I am satisfied (not totally but some extent) with that job

    There are many factors you have to consider as a new immigrant in this new country. Suppose you have small kids than you have to make comfortable your kids and spouse first.

    If you had good job in India than you feel bad in the beginning because you have to find a job in this country and you all know how difficult it is, but if you were doing hard work in India than you feel better from the beginning.

    If you try hard than it is possible that you find a good job. After passing one year, I had seen mostly, people settling down and they are happy and living happily with their family (mostly doing odd field jobs).

    If you take some education over here in your field than it is easy to find a job in your field.

    A year, it was over and are we happy? Four jobs in a year and two layoffs, enough for Canadian experience. My wife who does not know enough English and never dream for a job in India, doing job (hard work) in clothing factory-no choice we had to meet ends.

    Friends, I do not want to frustrate all of you but if you are lucky, enough than you could find a good job easily otherwise, you have to wait for it and you should have patience for it.

    Good luck to all the new comer friends for their bright future over here.

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