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    Hi friends,

    The subject title is cool; have some flavor like “My first day in High School.” I think guys will come with the next subject “My First year of Marriage… “. Trust me friends, I have no dare to write on that subject. You know why? Because my wife visits this site several times…

    Frankly telling my first year in Canada is not bad, because I have job in my field - Software. That doesn’t mean I am enjoying good salary and the using my favorite software and development tools. I should say I am 50 percent satisfied/succeed person as on the date of writing this article. (Who know the future?) Out of 100 percent satisfaction/success 10 percent is always dream for human being. So I can say I am 40 percent behind off my progress what I was expecting in Canada or compare to back-home India. Anyway staring is not bad.

    Friends, you might think what is secrete behind my half achievements and half failures?

    According to me factors for achievements are:

    1. Real software development experience at back-home - India
    2. Moral support from the friends/relatives in Canada/India. (They are very few but they gave me lot of courage and boost)
    3. Got entry in the same field on the second day of arrival. (You can say it was a kind of voluntary work)
    4. Hard work without looking for money at the early stage
    5. Got chance to work with three to four different companies and institutes – it was my luck
    6. Migrated to Canada alone first and after settling down called the family – that helped to focused on getting job of my field.

    And factors for failures are:

    1. Blind trust on the persons, and putting near hundred-percent energy for first couple of months in the work. Which wasted my time, broke heart and brought frustration. It created negative feelings that this world is full of white-blooded persons where people give you sugarcoated words and wrong promises. They try to become a Fisher and they think we are fish of pond. For saving a dollar they can block our all ways of development. I was treated like anything, they gave me wrong information and thought that we all new comers are uneducated and from the underdeveloped countries.
    2. Somewhat slow in adapting the North American environment that includes language, interview techniques, work environment etc.
    3. Recession
    4. Failure to get any chance to work in hot demanded fields.
    5. Did not had enough time to work on something different on my own as my work place is far from residence and had no Car until recently

    Which are the things I have ignored or have never created problem for settling in Toronto?

    1. Back home memories
    2. Brown/black Skins
    3. Weather (I survived one winter here!)
    4. Family
    5. The inferiority complex.

    Which things impressed me?
    1. The Metropolitan library
    2. Transportation, banking, government and other services
    3. I realized that “World is like family” when I got a chance to interact with people from different countries
    4. Ganesh Temple located at Richmond Hill, The Toronto Zoo and Marine land at Niagara Falls
    5. Lovely weather of Canadian summer and fall, and those beautiful parks!
    6. Helping nature of people (If you ask otherwise you feel like ship between sea)

    Which things I disliked or not impressed or want to keep away from?

    1. Canadian English has never impressed me.
    2. Big Malls and Show business make no difference
    3. Tax structure (I hate it).
    4. No security of job
    5. Plastic smile! They show they have lots of feeling but ends come with sorry and thanks.
    6. Crooks like Credit cards, Child benefits, Mortgage, Sale, Training Institutes including Colleges - which offers diplomas, etc. In fact that all is the game of money.
    7. Low cost item but high cost accessories (It’s a gambling) (Take Show free but less of show cost $ xyz)
    8. Education methods, no control on behaviors of child. Parents are just like viewer sitting inside stadium watching the match (Which encourage to control the child production)
    9. The new generation is forgetting our culture, which start with the forgetting mother language. (This fever is more in new immigrants rather then seniors)
    10. Biased news and news channels, which gives misdirected information.
    11. CN tower and Niagara fall (what people were talking is not like that.)


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