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  • Best Cities in Canada to Find a Job

    By pawandeepsingh331

    Canada job market is now at a booming stage with more than 3,35,000 new full-time jobs having been created in the financial year 2016-17. This is the largest number of jobs vacancies ever created since 1976. The recent upward trend in the job market has also led the unemployment level in Canada hit a record low of 5.8 percent. For immigrants who wish to move to Canada in search of a better career, this creates a golden opportunity.
    Here is a list of the top cities in Canada to find a good job if you are planning to Immigrate to Canada:

    Quebec City, Quebec:
    With the lowest unemployment rate of just 3.6 percent, Quebec City presents its immigrants with a plethora of job opportunities. For those who look forward to immigrating to Canada, this is a good place to start with as the city is the seventh largest economic hub in Canada. Excellence in technology has been driving the economy here.

    Abbotsford, British Columbia:
    A highly recommended city for the job search by most Canada immigration Consultants, Abbotsford showed an increase in the number of jobs by 2.9 percent with an unemployment rate of just 4 percent. With a growing aerospace industry along with well-established manufacturing and retail industries, Abbotsford provides good job opportunities for immigrants.

    Vancouver, B.C.:
    A multicultural city with more than 50 percent of the population speaking English as their first language, Vancouver takes in everyone with open arms. A favorite among the people looking to immigrate to Canada, Vancouver proudly stands at an unemployment rate of just 4 percent with employment growth around 5 percent for the past year or so.

    Oshawa, Ont.:
    Often known as the factory town, Oshawa has jumped up in the list presenting itself as a good option for those looking to immigrate to Canada. Oshawa also holds the title of “Automotive capital of Canada” and hence is a good option for all those seeking employment in this region. The employment level has risen by 3.3 percent as compared to last year.

    Kelowna, British Columbia:
    A city in Canada with diverse industries soaring at the same time, Kelowna provides job opportunities in various sectors ranging from Manufacturing, Tourism, to Healthcare. Technological developments are also on a new high in the city with a number of innovative start-ups laying their foundation in Kelowna. The city has seen an employment growth of 4.5 percent with unemployment rate standing at 5.2 percent.

    Moncton, New Brunswick:
    The city has proven to be the best option for job seekers and people who want to immigrate to Canada with a spike of around 10 percent in the number of new jobs created. The city is an economic hot zone right now with an increased business investment across different sectors.

    Toronto, Ontario:
    A diverse economy with numerous business opportunities, Toronto is a big center for export businesses with key sectors being Healthcare, Finance, and Professional services. Toronto offers a great standard of living which further emphasizes its preference by most Canada immigration Consultants. There has been an increase in employment rate by 3.2 percent as compared to last year.

    The robust growth of the Canadian job market has also resulted in more people desiring to immigrate to Canada. For such aspirant immigrants, seasoned and certified Canada immigration Consultants prove to be a boon as they not only guide through the process but also suggest which PNP is best suited compared to the skills of an individual. The future looks bright for those who want call Canada their second home.

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