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  • The Most Diverse Neighborhoods In Canada...

    By Mathu Heiden

    Diversity in Canada plays a formative role in the country’s past, future, and present. Canada outranks all other G8 countries for percentage of foreign born residents, which currently sits at about 20.6%. All provinces gain their own multicultural identity through neighborhoods that embrace different languages, lifestyles, and backgrounds. Navut’s data on demographics is gathered from the Canadian census, and is an important criteria for those moving to Canada. When using Navut’s Neighborhood Finder tool and looking for a specifically diverse neighborhood, select your preferences in the Languages and Communities criteria. Curious about the most diverse neighborhoods in Canada right now? Find out below!

    Steeles – Toronto

    You’ll find this suburb of Toronto on the northern edge of the city. It used to be apart of Scarborough before it’s amalgamation in 1998. The largest cultural community here is Chinese, which represents about 60 percent of the neighborhood population. Steeles is one of several official Chinatowns in Toronto. Other cultural communities here are East Indian, Greek, Scottish, Irish, Jamaican, and Guyanese. The L’Amoreaux Community Centre holds the Guyana Festival which is now the largest Guyana celebration that takes place out of the actual country.

    Milliken – Toronto

    Milliken is located in the pleasant Toronto suburb of Markham. What began as strictly agricultural farmland eventually transformed into a thriving area through a series of revitalization projects. Today, Milliken boasts a supportive and involved community full of diversity. The population is made up of mostly immigrants with many Chinese-Canadian residents. In order to accommodate this community, there are a variety of Asian focused developments in the neighborhood. The newest project is The Landmark, which will become one of the biggest Asian shopping malls in the GTA.

    Oakridge – Vancouver

    Oakridge is one of Vancouver’s late-to-the-game neighborhoods, and was characterized by bungalow style homes until a recent surge in redevelopment reintroduced newer styles in the area. It’s a highly multicultural residential neighborhood, with over 50 percent of the population speaking Chinese at home. Chinese is by far the sizeable cultural community represented in Oakridge, with a small community of South Asians represented as well. The neighborhood supports their Chinese community by throwing an excellent Chinese New Year party each year at the Oakridge Centre shopping mall.

    Golden Village – Vancouver

    Golden Village is located in Richmond, one of Vancouver’s more affluent suburbs. It’s a huge commercial district filled with Asian themed businesses. These businesses accommodate one of the largest Chinese Canadian populations in North America that live in the Golden Village. In addition to the 60 percent Chinese community, 10 percent of the population is Filipino. It’s become common to hear the Golden Village refereed to as the “new Chinatown”, as the commercial activity is booming. There are six shopping centres dedicated to serving the multicultural community, including Aberdeen Centre which is the largest local Asian mall.

    Unionville – Toronto

    Founded in 1794, historical Unionville is one of Toronto’s oldest and most charming suburban neighborhoods. It’s an affluent area with an average income of $126,040 and a variety of large, newly built single family homes. Over half of Unionvilles population is of Chinese heritage, and about 9 percent is represented by South Asians. Unionville is a part of the much larger suburb of Markham, which hosts a variety of Chinese new year celebrations. Unionville itself is known for it’s rich tourism, and offers a wide variety of charming amenities and activities for both it’s residents and visitors.

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