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I am looking for a handyman to do some little jobs around the home..things like fixing the eavesdrop, fixing a leaking faucet. Any CD who has with anybody reliable in the past and would like to pass on their reference. I would really appreciate it. Thanks


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Handy Man
Hi arcrave,
Here I am trying to make you into a Handy man. I hope I can be of some inspiration to you and move you up a notch and towards your goal.
If you are scared of heights, and it is called vertigo, then you should not climb up or do any work that calls for elevated places and climbing.
The next thing is you need a helper or a gofer, ie., go for this and go for that. It does not matter who it is.
Get two good aprons, it is tied to your wait and it has pouches to hold a few nails and screws and small packages. One is for your self and the other one is for the Gofer.
You also should have clothes that do not fit or the ones that you want to discard for these kind of jobs and a coverall if you have access to it.
A tape, a ruler, a hammer a square (Carpenters') and a whole lot of do hickey things, such as wrenches, spanners, monkey wrench, adjustable wrench, a socket set, an awl, and a good set of Screw drivers, atleast to attack eight to twelve different sizes and shapes of screws and threaded fasteners. With all these gadgets galore at hand and a determination to tackle the job, you are now one step closer to attacking the job. Success comes slowly after that.
If you have all of these already and still not sure what to do, then please send an SOS and get the nearest help or a hancy man to do these services you are looking for. Have your wallet or your cheque book handy and a pen to write and peel one of the cheques and wait for the final crunch. OUCH and you will see a big hole at the end of the job, in your pocket book. If you own a property, then you have to anticipate and accomodate these expenses.
Please keep track of these in a seperate location asociated with the house expenses.
Now for the plumbing, If they are not functioning, then you will have to find what make these Taps or 'pipes' are made of and see if you can locate them on the website or at a hardware store, nearest one will be the Canadian tyre store. They carry spares and parts for all of these or most of them. Twelve to fifteen years are the longest you can expect to get spares for any of them. Then the prices shoot up and they are inversely proportional to the availability of the spares. Some times it costs you an arm and a leg.
Some companies will provide you with free cartrides for the taps. The best one for these are MOEN taps. The other replaceable ones are cheap taps and you will ultimately end up paying for fixing the cheap ones and you wish that you had bought the expensive ones in the first place. But some times we end up in an old place with all of the problems and some more to top it off. That is what the MURPHY's Law States. How come...... I...............?
One thing every house or apartment owner should know is that there is a Master Shut off Valve for shutting off the water to their place. They should know its location and see if it functions well. When you shut this valve off, the water should shut off completely and when drained, after ten or fifteen minutes by opening and draining all the taps and lines, there should be no water dripping from any tap in the house. If it drips, then your shut off does NOT WORK. Now you have a KING SIZE problemo. And you are up the tihs creek without a paddle. SOS and get a very good plumber to get you to high and dry ground.
Anything more that I can provide you with will be specific to your location and I will need more details and the current problem that you are experiencing. So do drop a note if you want to proceed with this repair. Hope this helps a wee bit. Hope you understand My spanglish.



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