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I have not been here long. But can surely mention that a few traders who deal with Indian groceries especially in Miss area are a bunch of swindlers/ dupers.

I was surprised to note the other day foods which were prized cheap are sold at margins of 400%(- after taking into a/c Freight, customs and other charges)! Doesn't that tantamount to daylight robbery?

Well if that was not enough, even worse is the quality - it is pathetic. Packaging is torn, broken, lackadasical staff, and stuff which is about to expire. Now can someone get that to the top there and voice this issue.

Or why should we not complain this to the higher ups - or is it that we are taking that chalta hai attitude as we did back in India and have no where to go now!!.

Money is not easy to get by here and to see that we are been swindled out here drives me nuts:( .

What goes around comes around...


Senior Desi
Member since: Nov 03
Posts: 169
Location: Mississauga

Post ID: 7995 05-02-04 21:50:37
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Senior Desi
Member since: Dec 03

Posts: 126
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Sure the prices are high, but that is the 'price we have to pay' if we want to avail of ethnic groceries.
The only complain i have is that the store is always untidy and stuff falling off the shelves. The isle are so narrow and to make it worse they have stuff displayed on the floor, which makes it hard for two people to walk in opposite direction.
Some of the vegetables are cheaper at the other Grocery stores (No Frills, Basic, etc) as well as the Chinese market. Spices, condiments and pulses can be purchased at 'Bulk Barn' far more cheaper. You can also buy cheap groceries from the Sri Lankan stores. I do not need to go the Indian grocery stores as what i want is available in other stores.
Sometimes I do not go by the motto 'Be Indian, buy Indian' . I want good value for my hard earned money and i am the only one who can control that.

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Manan Gupta
Senior Desi
Member since: Jan 04

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Location: Brampton


Sat Sri Akal.

I absolutely agree with you.

In Jan 2004, I purchased a Pachranga pickle from an Indian Grocery Store. When back home I found that the taste of the pickle was not as expected, I was shocked to note from the packing that the same was expired three months back.

Next time when I went to the store, I brought it to the notice of the owner and together we were surprised that the entire lot placed there was beyond expiry date. He was grateful for bringinging this to his notice.

I am sure had it been a Canadian superstore, most of us would have lodged a formal complaint to Health authorities in such scenario, but it is the Indian brotherhood which prevented me from doing that.

Though I am sure that no Canadian store like PriceChopper will ever make you locate any expired item placed on their shelves.

It is these cheap Indian/Asianstores which are mushrooming only to mint money.No cleanliness, little maneouvring space and all messy affairs.

I was even apalled to note that few of these stores have employed elderly people who can not even stand straight. It was a pity on such Store owners and the kin of those Senior citizens who have set free these elders to bring back dollars in return. Shame on us.

Is anybody listening !


Post ID: 8090 08-02-04 03:04:22
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Senior Desi
Member since: Jan 04

Posts: 129
Location: toronto

It is not only with Indian Grocery Stores.
Canadian Superstore are not lagging behind. With me it has happened with Price Chopper and Food Basics. No more I am shopping with them.

They even have not bothered to do anything except to refund me the money. One time I was sick for four days due to the quality of food manufactureed by one of the biggest bread maker of Canada.

So do not generalize Indian Grocers alone. Problem is that law enforcement for food items is poor. There are list of formalties to be complied with to get any grievance well attended. None has that much patience and stamina to stand against.

I fought and make them realize the problem. But may still be happening around.

Post ID: 8134 08-02-04 23:58:51
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Member since: Mar 04

Posts: 82
Location: mississauga

well i have the same experience too. I moved from US a month ago and it is pathetic here. the indian stores are dirty products lousy and it is really sickening here. Stores in india are far better. People are so uncourteous and nobody seems to be happy here. No smile on anybodys face. Canada as someone said is as though a group of depressed people got together.

Post ID: 11677 04-04-04 13:06:55
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Member since: Jan 04

Posts: 97
Location: Leaside, ON

I wholeheartedly agree with ALL of the comments above. After moving from the US, within my very first month here I had lodged several food complaints with the Ministry of Health's Food Inspection and Safety Bureau. But to no avail; they send their inspectors out and the inspectors return seemingly "satisfied" with the quality of the stores' food products. I have a suspicion that there's money changing hands when inspectors go to check out any store's hygiene standards. There is no way such filth would be passed in the US.

It's surprising that so much quantity and variety of food stuffs are available in Canada, esp. as compared to even the most populous cities in the US, but all with zero quality. Even "Canadian" grocery stores like Loblaws and No-Frills carry a lot of substandard items. Either it's the norm here that "anything goes" or I have higher standards coming from the US, I don't know which, but this much I can say, the food quality here is BAD and I am very, very disappointed.

Stores in Asia are probably ten times more hygienic than those here, not withstanding the environmental and growing conditions there. It's a sad reflection on Canadian standards in a lot of things besides edibles.

i am back :)

Post ID: 11722 05-04-04 02:17:29
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