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New Laptop

Senior Desi
Member since: Apr 06

Posts: 443

Try to talk to the manager. They probably can offer any equivalent product.

Originally posted by newton

I bought the Acer laptop on Aug 30 for my friend and they said it would be delivered Sept 3. The order was not delivered. I called Office Depot today and they said that the product is discontinued and cannot be delivered. What are my rights as a consumer? Anybody with a similar experience?

Post ID: 130358 16-10-08 00:02:34
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Senior Desi
Member since: Jan 08

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Location: Toronto

I think this is a good deal in Future Shop. It's only for 3 days from 17th Oct to 19th Oct." target="_blank">

Toshiba Satellite AMD Athlon X2 TK57 1.9GHz Laptop (L300D-01Q) - $399.99

AMD Athlon X2 TK-57 Dual Core Processor
160 GB Hard Disk
Super Multi Dual Layer DVDRW
Webcam, Mic inbuild
5-in-1 Media Card Reader
Windows Vista Home Premium Installed


Post ID: 130447 17-10-08 19:27:41
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Senior Desi
Member since: Aug 06

Posts: 5286
Location: Canada

An interesting catalog is available at ... I can see at least 10 laptops in the sub $500 category .....Pasting the link but not sure if it would last forever .

Many / most may be refurbished but I wouldn't care as long as the configuration is good and there s a warranty ...... refurbished products ARE built back to company specifications ...

Check out also at the following link|c:1891|&Sort=4


Post ID: 130461 18-10-08 09:05:46
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Senior Desi
Member since: Aug 06

Posts: 5286
Location: Canada

Came across this laptop deal for Boxing Day on Best Buy .... please check their website for details ....

HP Inspiron 15.4" Pentium Dual Core , 3 GB RAM , 160 GB Hard Disk , Wi Fi card etc ............................. CAD 499/- ..

If interested shop early , I don't expect this to last long ....


Post ID: 134386 25-12-08 12:22:29
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