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13 finally proves unlucky for BJP

I dont know nothing about politics but here is an interesting piece of news I came across:

The number 13 finally proved to be unlucky for Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee as also the BJP, which once boasted that it always favoured the number.

Number 13, condemned as inauspicious in the West, was considered 'feel-good' for the ruling party as also Vajpayee.

The first time BJP came to power in 1996 at the Centre, it lasted for 13 days. The next time it assumed reins in New Delhi in 1998, the BJP-led coalition's tenure lasted 13 months.

It again came to power in 1999 emerging triumphant in 13th Lok Sabha, with Vajpayee assuming office on October 13, causing the BJP leaders to be carried away by the 'magic' of 13. They started boasting that now their rule would last for a minimum period of 13 years.

When the Election Commission, while announcing the poll schedule, said that counting would be held on May 13, there was a perceptible glee in the saffron camp.

The second time India conducted nuclear tests in Pokharan, a matter of pride for the BJP, the date chosen was May 11 and May 13, 1998.

This May 13, however, the explosion was of a different kind.



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as senior desi who had contributed a lot to this forum would expect you to be post this at proper place

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Maybe the Mods can help to put this in the right section ...but it is a very good thread started by Chandresh ...i was hoping there would be some discussions on this.

There are 2 things which come to mind after these election results

1. The maturity of indian democratic process -
If we look around the developing world there is probably no other democratic system which has been functioning so smoothly.... the beauty of our setup is that however shocking the election results maybe the transfer of power is always as smooth as silk , not just in center but also in jungle raj states like bihar.
This is something we all indians need to be proud of .

2. The other concerning aspect is the overwhelming relaince on astrology in politics -
NDA had all the time in the world ot call elections , the elections were called not only based on opinion polls but also when the same was affirmed by most influencial astrologers . the contrary results have shocked NDA more because of the astrologers being proven wrong along with the opinion polls ...(btw the internal opinion polls for NDA were conducted by the same reputed US firm which provides TV ratings). maybe this outsourcing proved wrong!! maybe ...
I just returned from india and the mood among the people i met in Delhi and also in interior towns is upbeat about the change in Govt esp about Manmohan becoming the PM.

How long it will remain upbeat ... it'll be interesting to see.

The question which i want to ask is -- how does it speak about our leaders when they rely on astrology so heavily for predicting success and not on the pulse of the people.

13 finally proved unlucky .... should we ask the astologers for another lucky date to get back to power ?

What can be imagined, can be achieved.

Post ID: 16207 05-06-04 21:11:40
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