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Medical Transcription / Medical secretary / Office Assistant

I was doing medical transcription back home. Is there anybody in medical transcription / secretary / office assistant position here in Canada? It would be very grateful if anybody helps me choose a right path to work in these fields.

thanking in advance.


Junior Desi
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Post ID: 205150 26-05-13 02:57:41
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rajcanadaMember of Administrators
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There is very low demand for medical transcription and it will be difficult to find jobs in this field. Increasing use of voice recognition technology has greatly reduced the demand for medical transcriptionists.

Try to get an informational interview with someone who heads Health Information Management/Health Records in a hospital. They can offer you tips.

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Junior Desi
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Medical Transcription
I am canadian and have 11 years experience. I am also a health records manager and coder of health records. There is no work in any of this now its all automated by technology or if there is a job its a doctors office reception and they want a 20 year old to pay minimum wage to. I used to make 22 an hour a few years ago before it was all cut out. Then I ended up on social assistance. Its 4 years now Im sick of not working although I volunteer so Im returning to school for the THIRD time in my life without govt or family help- the usual brave white woman story................

Post ID: 206663 08-09-13 18:28:12
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