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Basement flooring

Senior Desi
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Originally posted by Gurram

I guess it is good as long as basement doesn't leak .... anytime.

There are different kinds of leaks :

1. Constant seepage of water molecules through your concrete walls - there are a few ways you can reduce and address this issue while framing/drywalling.

2. Seepage of moisture through your concrete flooring - the DRI-CORE tile has plastic base with grooves to let the water pass through the floor base and slope into your drain.

3. Leakage through cracks in basement - depending upon the amount of water leaked - this can/cannot be controlled. In that case, none of your efforts will work - it is a total redo anyways.

Besides the moisture, the subfloor provides thermal insulation and levels floating floor to support your laminate tiles. 100% of basement floors have slopes and uneven level, which makes it challenging to install laminate tiles. The floating subfloor helps to over come these.

Once again the choice should based on your requirement. If your basement is only for storage and will never be used for living purposes, any cheap solution will work. If you have some living or you use it for entertainment purposes, plan to use it frequently, IMO installing the subfloor makes sense.

Good luck.


Post ID: 221387 30-04-15 13:37:42
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Senior Desi
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our basement was flooded with storm water in 2013 and we got perfect opportunity to renovate our basement. I think, carpet should be avoided since cleaning cost and leakage happens, removing carpet is tedious and expensive affair. so, we installed tiles but after installation, I was told there is water proof wooden flooring available and the cost of both tiles and water proof wooden flooring is same. :)
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Post ID: 221469 04-05-15 11:15:37
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Senior Desi
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Hi Guys,

I am planning for finishing basement and looking for some advice.

I have decided to go with Vinyl Planks (looks like hardwood, water proof and no sub floor require). Please share an experience if anyone has gone through...

What kind of permit I need to finish the basement? ( ESA for electrical work, Do I need building permit? OR Any other?)

I heard most of the people doesn't go through building permit unless they want to rent it out. Is this correct?

Some people finishing basement themselves for personal use, Do they need any building permit?

I am going to hire contractor for all works. I have different person for electrical work (Pot lights, speakers, projector setup, outlets and switches). Anything should I keep in mind for two separate contractor?

What kind of access we need in ceiling? (For backyard and garage water hose. What else?)

I have plan for projector setup. Suggestion for passing cables from projector to media place ( HDMI, Optical audio, any other cable?).

Anyone can suggest good projector with 2 HDMI input, optical audio out and Miracast (For streaming video from smart phone) with reasonable price? (I would like to avoid buying receiver and use existing DVD home theater system which has optical audio in connection)

Also, planning to avoid projector screen. I want to use wall as screen. What should be ideal color on that wall? (I heard about Grey but no personal experience)

Any other suggestion will be appreciated?

Thanks in advance.

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Post ID: 230460 07-03-16 11:08:17
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Senior Desi
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@Meitseme ..
If you are planning to use your wall for projection than use HD "goo paint"

Define "good" for projector including your budget. I may be able to suggest you best value for your money. Panasonic 7K series is something I deem as good but will cost you over 4K .
Familiarize yourself with different projectors before you jump in the venture.
Remember Audio quality is of more importance when it comes to Home theatre.
There are plenty of forums that are dedicated for HT that can guide you from scratch including the ideal paint choice for walls .

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Post ID: 230461 07-03-16 12:07:24
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