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Need your guidance!

Hi all,

I landed here since 6 months and still unemployed. I need your assistance now dear friends!
I want to make a Resume for survival jobs. but the problem is I do not have any experience here and I am confused how to make resume. What are employers most favorite questions to be asked? How to get prepare for interview? How to get dressed for survival jobs interview?
It will be really helpful if someone can share a sample FOR 2-3 CV'S like security guards and Canada post jobs.
All Kind replies will be appreciated.



Junior Desi
Member since: Jun 13
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Post ID: 228525 24-10-15 02:13:17
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rajcanadaMember of Administrators
Member since: Jul 03

Posts: 2713
Location: Kitchener, ON

It is okay you do not have any experience in Canada. What experience do you have from back home? What is your educational background? What type of jobs have you been applying for? In which cities have you been applying?

For security guards in Ontario, first you have to get a license. You need to contact registered provider, complete the training, complete First Aid training as well, then pass ministry's exam, and apply for license. Go through this link

For Canada Post, what type of jobs in Canada Post? Do you have your driving license?

Sample resumes can be very easily found online, just Google for it. For job interview questions, again Google, go through Glassdoor and such sites.

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Post ID: 228527 24-10-15 08:24:21
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Senior Desi
Member since: Apr 07

Posts: 170
Location: NB

Terrible time to be looking for any jobs but good luck. You might need a lot of it. You probably prepared a lot of documentation to apply for maple card, including resume. The recent election of libs may slowly catch on and more jobs may show up. But then again, US is barely preparing to crash; if that happens, it could spoil the party for Canada. I am expecting TK to show up on this thread and give this gentleman some survival advice. While sittin' in limbo in a faroff land, I hope you at least had a very comfortable life back in India but were driven to search for better place due to sheer curiosity and greed. In any case, good luck in your endeavors.

Post ID: 228528 24-10-15 08:44:45
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Junior Desi
Member since: Apr 17

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Location: BRAMPTON

I will help you in the find the job as well as I will you saw some good opportunity because i am a recruiter. I will definately help ypu...... Email me your resume on

Post ID: 234683 21-04-17 16:24:09
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Member since: Aug 10

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Security guard and Canada post are not really survival jobs. You need proper quantification and can be as hard to get as other professional jobs. How about fast food places or grocery stores? Just walk in few Food Basics or the likes and talk to few employees or a manager and you will be surprised how quickly you can find a "survival job". Simple resume is enough, Google is your best friend.

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Post ID: 234708 24-04-17 11:26:25
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Junior Desi
Member since: Aug 19

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let me have your contact phone at:

Post ID: 238739 12-08-19 18:25:24
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