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Please advice investment options

Hi -

I have 50K sitting in my saving account. Please suggest some investment options. I can take some risks.



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Full House
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If I were you I will let it stay there in the Savings Account till you get to know a lot more about the investment options. The reason for that is it is right in your asking, you have to get to know where to invest the same FIRST.

We got to know the purchasing value of the dollar today and to purchase the same a year down the road. That is based on the cost of inflation, which means you got to know if it will buy the same products that we use today a year hence, down the road. Can you buy the same cup of coffee, a pound of sugar, a loaf of bread etc., and what it will cost next year.

So, the Government takes a basket of goods and prices the same each year and tell you all about the same as COST OF LIVING. It could be 2.1 percent, which means you have to pay that much more the next year.

So, for maintaining the purchasing POWER of the dollar, you must let your investments appreciate by that much to buy the same products. And if it appreciates more than that, you have made gains in the market. It is that simple.

Some of this could be achieved without any RISK. By investing into a Tax Free Savings Account and (Pay no taxes) and also into Fixed Investments which will give you slightly more, but will call for paying a portion of the (Gains) same in taxes before the year ends.

So, depending upon the RISK that you are willing to take, you can reap the rewards on your investment.

Now to the BASICS..: You are now learning the basics of The Investment fields and there are many Vehicles or you can call them as IDEAS with which you can make more returns on your investments. So, it will be good to know the basics of things in the investment field. I do not want to say that you do not know any, but based upon a one liner on Investment ideas with risks associated with it, I will stop here to get to know you and your knowledge in this field and post to us here to tell us where you are coming from and how much you know about it.

For starters, please go through the following link and get to know all about what you ever wanted to ask and were shy to ask anyone about it.

You are on the right track and good luck. I want to see a few millionaires here tomorrow!


Originally posted by hix123

Hi -

I have 50K sitting in my saving account. Please suggest some investment options. I can take some risks.


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