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Viagra's side effects

Viagra's side effects

A woman asks her husband if he`d like some breakfast.
"Chicken and eggs, perhaps? A slice of toast? Grapefruit and coffee to follow?"
"Nah," he says. "It`s this Viagra -- it`s really taken the edge off my appetite."
At lunch time she asks, "How about a bowl of homemade soup, homemade muffins, or maybe a cheese sandwich"?
"Nope, it`s this Viagra," he says, "It`s really affected my appetite."
Come dinner time, she asks if he wants anything to eat. She`ll go to the store and buy him some food. Maybe a steak and apple pie? Maybe a pizza or a tasty stir fry that would take only a couple minutes?
"No, it`s this Viagra," he says. "It`s really really taken the edge off my appetite."
"Well," she says, "Could you get off me for a few minutes at least? I`m really starving!"

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