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Landing CHECKLIST....for newcomers

Landing CHECKLIST....for newcomers
By: erebello

Hi Canadian Desis,
I see so many posts on this topic that I'm making this LANDING CHECKLIST to all newcomers....if I missed something please add it to this thread.

1) Passport with visa stamped. (One for each accompanying family member)

2) IMM travel document (one for each accompanying family member - do not sign it as this is done in the
Presence of an immigration officer on arrival).

3) Crucial documents like birth certificate, driving license. If you have a gulf license and have no accident-claim history then get letters from the insurer stating the same. Chances are that youll getter a better motor-insurance deal in Canada. Get any other documents which you think are important e.g. medical history records, certifications, accolades etc. (make sure keep a spare copy at home).

4) Landing Money-check to find the exact figure (get at least 30-40 % cash or traveler checks rest in draft or bank statement).

5) Do not get any meat or dairy products (especially if youre migrating from the Asian subcontinent). Senior CDs please verify this. Ive heard they even remark it on your passport.

6) Written list of all the items in your accompanying luggage and cargo luggage (due to arrive later). Make sure all expensive items like jewelry are included.

7) If you are getting any electronics, see that they support dual voltage (110-240). All major brands of electronics are available in Canada. However if you already have some (e.g. electronic shaver etc) and would not like to buy new then you can get them but youll need a step-up adapter.

8) If you are arriving in winter make sure you have warm clothes (2 sets at least).

9) Crucial medications if any. If possible get a copy of the prescription as well (just to be on the safer side).

10) Health insurance coverage for initial 3 months. This is not mandatory however recommend. This coverage can be bought from international insurance companies like AIG, American Life Insurance Co. (ALICO) from the Gulf as well as India. You can also buy medical insurance upon arrival. I found this link helpful

11) Lastly and very important POSITIVE ATTITUDE & WILLINGNESS TO ADAPT

If I missed any please add-onhope it helps

Senior Desi
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Yes most of the airlines allow only 2 baggages of 23 kgs each. If u have 3 pieces even if it's total weight is less than 46 they will charge u 50 CAD for excess piece. I just landed on 8th August and I had to pay for the excess piece on Etihad.

Post ID: 148650 13-08-09 20:06:11
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Immigrant hellpine

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Originally posted by brighteyes

What is the free baggage limit when the person first makes landing into Canada?

Baggage restrictions are imposed by the airlines and not the Immigrations or Customs authorities. So if the airlines has a limit of 2 bags each with a max. of 23Kgs each (which most airlines have for economy class passengers) on routes to NA, that will be imposed by the airlines.

It will be the same policy applied across the board, whether you land the 1st time or the nth time.

Also keep in mind airlines have their own policy on charges for excess baggage.

As long as you declare your goods properly, that's all the Customs Dept. cares about.

Reiki Grand Master

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Senior Desi
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Jet allows you to carry extra.

Baggage Allowance for passengers travelling on migrant visas
Guests travelling on migrant visas* will be permitted to carry a maximum of 40 kilos as free baggage allowance, where the weight concept is applicable on Jet Airways operated international flights and on the connecting Jet Airways operated domestic flights.

The migrant visa baggage allowance can be availed only on the migrant visa holder's first outbound journey and not on subsequent trips.

*Visas eligible for migrant visa baggage allowances are those issued for immigration purposes. Visas also include those issued to dependants of the primary migrant visa holder who are entitled to immigrant status by virtue of their relationship such as spouse, children, fiancee, etc. UK Tier 1 General and dependant visas and Australian Fiancee/Provisional Spouse visas are also eligible.

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Junior Desi
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Is point 4 required for a soft-landing (2-week visit)? Would it be sufficient if we carry the latest bank statement showing the minimum balance required by the authorities.

Post ID: 237037 11-05-18 01:14:20
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Full House
Senior Desi
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Please declare the total sum that you and your family bring into Canada.

Please declare the total sum that you and your family bring in to Canada. There are no restrictions on the sum you bring in and also the personal belongings that you bring in too. You as an Immigrant can bring in a lot more than a traveller is allowed to.

Proof of funds is a requirement for your entry and is called for, for the whole family. It is done at the TIME OF ENTRY, and only once.

People who travel from some areas where their money is not accepted outside of their place of residence need to carry it in person in a mode acceptable to CBSA. How you break it up is your choice and Please declare the TOTAL Amount that you bring in including the last cent. Failing to do so might get you on to the wrong side of the law.


4) Landing Money-check to find the exact figure (get at least 30-40 % cash or traveler checks rest in draft or bank statement).

Originally posted by gpkamat

Is point 4 required for a soft-landing (2-week visit)? Would it be sufficient if we carry the latest bank statement showing the minimum balance required by the authorities.

Post ID: 237041 11-05-18 12:19:37
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