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With all the glamour and functionality of an urban lifestyle, we see new norms budding up in the living room segment. There is a growing trend of clean lined, petite, tidy and stylish furniture occupying one of the most important rooms of our homes. And there is a shift in the way we look at furniture—be it sectional leather sofas, entertainment units, glass coffee tables, leather sofa beds , end tables or something as simple as a day bed sofa. Ironically, it is not always lack of space that inspires compact living in a modular world. It takes a shift in lifestyle values, and the desire to taste the new and bold, along with a great deal of detailing to distinguish between fashion and function.

Functionality has no doubt come to occupy the most important place in our day-to-day today lives. Because time has come to mean so much to people, working couples, professionals, students and families, who know the value of open space and up-to-date furniture, gadgets, and best hair color, all of it has boiled down to getting real about things in life. And space is one such key factor. Traditional styling may be an inherent thing with people, but there are some of us who are determined to look beyond the furniture they grew up on. And the idea is to find a balance. While others like an entirely contemporary chilled-out look for their living rooms, there are others who prefer a mixed scheming, and then there is the Bohemian style that characterizes a really interesting look.

A hectic lifestyle no doubt has its own pressures and demands. But it makes relaxation and socialization all the more important, and it definitely pays to have a well-thought living room that is your own heaven, retreat and “snug” leisure space. It is vital that the furniture, lighting and décor you theme up your living room with also synchronizes well with other rooms to integrate flawlessly, and it is important to also personalizes furniture to suit your individual needs. Sectional sofas, for instance, are known to use up lot of space and are generally the best bet for bigger living areas, For mid to average sized living rooms, you can always opt for medium sectional sofas or something that uses a corner and does not cram up the space.

Leather sofa beds is the popular choice preferred due to its plush luxurious features, but you can find equally attractive range of fabric sofas that not just look sophisticated, but are easy to clean and maintain. Coffee tables are again a tricky ordeal, especially when space is a restraint. An average size or an unusual shape like oval, or circle can help you shed off the middling looks. You can also have a low-slung entertainment unit or media unit that is much easier on space and is equipped with a host of features like media storage, and some extra space for more. End tables have also come to mean more, for they easily stack against a wall and can easily be used for more than one function in our times. And the shapes can be intriguing enough to hold the stuff and your interest. Living rooms can be highlighted using feature lighting and hand-made carpets. Accessories like wall mirrors can add a tinge of drama and brighten up a dull wall. Minimal can be interesting and what a way to open up the living space in your home.

For more on family and living room design ideas, visit Spacify.


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