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    Facts and Arguments..My Canadian Experience , so far.. 
    By fanaticsep
    I am an Indo Canadian and have since completed 8 years of my stay in Canada. I am Canadian Citizen. I am with an accounting background but did not .... 
    I am an Indo Canadian 
    By fanaticsep
    I am an Indo Canadian, settled in Canada for last 6 years. Recently I borught my family from India. We are a small family. To begin with, I also .... 
    By fanaticsep
    I came across the following post from another website. Worth reading at least once. -----------------------------------------------------------------.... 
    Is canada lucky for me ? i am still confused 
    By fanaticsep
    Hi Friends, Currently i am very confused wheter its good or bad to be in canada? Me & husband came to canada with lot of dreams just as all of.... 
    Canada - Indian CA's perspective 
    By Tukai
    Hi, I am a CA ( India). I landed in Feb 2005 from India. It was not a love at first sight for me. The sheer amount of snow on the ground was very u.... 
    Just a thought 
    By sandeepmunshi
    I was just sitting at my desk today on a sunday afternoon in my office.Not much to do, so stumbled upon this amazing website with so many articles by .... 
    By soulofcanada
    I am a UK asian and I have been in Canada for a little over 4 months now, and i am extremely disgusted to discover how much racial hatred exhist .... 
    Driving Licence and the Saga 
    By Vncan
    Dear All, I arrived in canada about an 3 months back. Initially I landed at Calgary as I had some of my relatives. As every one would have done, I .... 
    Our landing Experience 
    By G9
    We (myself, wife and 4 yr old son) landed in Toronto's Pearson Airport on 7th June'05.We had planned to stay in Canada for two weeks and go back to Ku.... 
    My Canadian Experience 
    By sri60
    Hi All, I love reading all the articles in CD about new Canadians and their experiences, so I am adding mine too even though I am not exactly a new C.... 
    USA v/s Canada - An Immigrant's Experience 
    By seenappa
    Dear CD’s, I have been a lurker from quite some time and had the opportunity to read the views of CD’s from both sides of the border. There see.... 
    Wished to write this someday 
    By Fido
    Hi, I re landed in Canada after 3 years on 15th August 2006. I am an IT guy having 6 years experience. Was cautious from day 1 . Relaxed and acclim.... 
    My 10 months in Canada 
    By ayaz99
    This is my first post here in this forum. After ten months, I think I should share my job experiences in Canada. I am from Pakistan, an electric.... 
    Punished for Excellence (Addendum) 
    By shining Light
    An addition to my article: Punished for Excllence Some of you maybe thinking I have been a victim of racism. Not so. It has more to do with the insec.... 
    Punished for Excellence 
    By shining Light
    12 November, 2005 will be firmly etched in my memory for the rest of my life. It was on this day that I formally became a member of a prestigious Cana.... 
    I must be the luckiest Gulfee Canadian Desi 
    By Sandman ca
    Hi Guys, I have been a member for a couple of months now and been a keen visitor to this site. It certainly gave me a chance to understand that not e.... 
    Oh Canada !! My Story... 
    By RV
    Oh Canada !! I cannot begin to imagine what our desi brothers must go through with their families when their expectations in Canada are met with .... 
    Successful transition in Mid career 
    By Mishtar India
    Friends, In the last 10 months or so I have come to closely know many desi friends who have successfully transitioned to Canadian mainstream despi.... 
    Smart work + Hard work = Success 
    By qabio121
    Hi, readers this is first time I visited this site and I read a lot of success stories, and I find so much motivation, hard work, smart work and .... 
    Success is standing like a rock in an ocean of motion 
    By knockout_Jay
    Dear Friends, I have been following the CD forums for a while now and posted few thoughts of mine. Here is my story of immigration and the achiev.... 
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