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Facts and Arguments..My Canadian Experience , so far..

By shreeskr

I am an Indo Canadian and have since completed 8 years of my stay in Canada. I am Canadian Citizen.

I am with an accounting background but did not come from Middle East with tons of money at my disposal only to spend in Canada and go back. I have my own Indian story, at my back.

Having come to Canada, after performing my mother's first year anniversary, I struggled hard to get a job in Canada. I did not bring my family out of abundant caution.

People say Canada is a land of opportunities. But I doubt and yet to confirm this statement after having spent 8 years in Canada.

My siblings less qualified to me and doing just administrative and kitchen help jobs in Singapore are able to save money and invest in their house construction of their choice in few years , less than 50 % of my stay in Canada.

Here clean air, good water and uninterrupted power supply all assured . And people generally find safe comparing to other countries. Of late, In India, safety is being challenged at least in rural and increasing rape cases as reported in the media do cause concern.Though population is one of the main reasons.

But Indian Economy is roaring. Its Growth though at the lesser pace for few years is still far ahead of Canada and of course al.As on date job market is pathetic in Canada. I am from Ontario. I don't have job in my field for 7 months.Doing only warehouse jobs and that too on call basis.I should have upgraded my education in Canadian courses. I could not, for want of money.

Along with me, I could see lot of Indian professionals working with me in warehouse doing tough's a fact. I don't know why Canada invited professionals from all walks of life ..

I have since brought my family. My son is happy to have come to Canada. I think, first generation should undergo this process.

I also noticed Indian network is useless , comparing to other communities.Those well known Indian communities who came and settled about a decade before do want other new Indian immigrants to undergo this suffering also.

Canada boasts of multi lingual and multi cultural. But in my personal experience , I could sense nobody is willing to give up their roots..One way it is better , I think.

A kind of challenging life ... 

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