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  • Punished for Excellence (Addendum)

    By shining Light

    An addition to my article: Punished for Excllence
    Some of you maybe thinking I have been a victim of racism. Not so. It has more to do with the insecurity that my manager and the head of the department experienced due to my excellent performance. Effectively, I was a threat to them because the whole ball game changes once you earn your Canadian designation.
    Just like me, both of them are not only of Indian origin but were also born in India. The head of the department and myself are followers of the same religion. But the manager and the department head speak the same language and are natives of the same part of India, while I am from a different region of the country. You got it: the typical North-South divide.
    We, Indians, even when we are abroad are influenced by regionalism and indulge in back biting behaviour. When we ourselves are not united and are busy pulling each other down, how can we expect people from other communities to respect us.
    We should remember we are minorities in this country, whether we are citizens or not, and we will always be so.
    Therefore, we need to be united and there lies our strength.
    Religion and region should be kept aside. All South Asians should be united and remain united for all purposes that are legal, humanitarian, and ethical. It is in our best interests to do so. 

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