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    By soulofcanada

    I am a UK asian and I have been in Canada for a little over 4 months now, and i am extremely disgusted to discover how much racial hatred exhist in most parts of this country.

    I am currently residing in the Mississauga are which i aboslutely love, but from day one, i have encountered instances of direct and indirect racial discrimination. I have no doubt in my mind that the older generation here have no idea of how directly they are targeted and harrassed because of who they are, how they dress, and the language they speak, simply because of their lack of understanding the English language and unspoken expression from the white society.

    For perhaps the first time in my life i am having to re-think my understanding of how humans behave! and ultimately be made aware of how impossible it is to totally integrate, and be accepted by the white society. I have never felt the need to integrate as i have always considered myself as one and equal to all the people on the planet as God's fellow human beings. But, having seen some examples here in Canada of how much racism is tolerated, and indeed ultimately accepted, i am being forced into a state of mind where i will do anything to protect and preserve my Indian identity and heritage at any cost, and i hope most Indians agree with me.

    It seems to me that the white society have a problem with hard working, successful asians, who come to their country and do extremely well for themselves. And i feel the only way to fight back racism from an Indian stand point is to become even more successful, determind and stronger.

    Fortunately (unfortuntate for those white folk who encounter me) i do not tolereate racism at any level, and i always give back atleast ten fold in return, whether they (the whites) realise it or not.

    Racism. An invisible human disorder created by the ego. 

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