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  • Sorry Your English Is Bad - Some Tips

    By Socratic Wisdom

    Sorry Your English Is Bad - Some Tips -

    Article by Socratic Wisdom


    I have been primarily an observer on CanadianDesi and I noticed that people seem to be killing the English language. Sometimes their English is so terrible that I wonder what right do these people have when they go off about their Canada-cheated-me speech. So I have decided to compile some tips on how to improve English speech overall.

    Before doing that let me tell a little bit about myself. I am an immigrant doing my undergraduate in Vancouver, BC. I did my high school in the USA and am now in Canada pursing a major of my choice. When I first moved to the US to start high school I didnt know how to speak properly in English. After being ridiculed on a constant basis I decided that I would somehow train myself to perfect the accent and the language.

    I followed several steps and I completely changed in just over 4 to 6 months. I know it works because I have used it on my family and close friends and they are improving every single day. Even today people ask me whether I was born in Canada. They are surprised when I tell them I wasnt.

    NOTE: Being a very good communicator does not mean having the perfect accent. As long as you speak properly and refrain from using Indian slang you should fine. So stop using the they-cant-understand-me-because-of-my-accent excuse. Because people from Europe have all sorts of accents yet people are able to understand them because their English is grammatically perfect.

    1)Slow Down: I dont know why but people from India tend to speak English extremely fast. Dont try to match your thought process with your speech. You will end up confusing majority of the people you talk to. Take the time to properly articulate your words and express them clearly.

    2)Read! : Always read anything that is in English. The newspaper is an excellent example. Not only do you get knowledge you can also have a feel for how people actually express themselves in Canada. It is quite different from how Indians speak.

    3)The Power of Closed Caption: This is one of the most useful things that I did. Turn your TV to watch the evening news and enable the Closed Caption feature. That way you can hear the way people talk and at the same time follow the text. Feel free to repeat after them. News anchors are really the best models to use when it comes to speaking because they speak clearly and perfectly!

    4)Put an end to those irritating online linguistics: Write properly for god's sake! You can start by avoiding irritating abbreviations that people use on their emails or forum posts. When you do something like that it shows that you are not sincere. If cant be sincere when you even post a small text online how sincere will you be when you are offered a job? Some unacceptable terms are u, wud, cud, tht, intw, gr8, hw, l8tr,exp and many many many many more.

    5)Use Question Words/Phrases To Form Questions: Use words/phrases like What, Why, Are you, Where, etc to form your questions. Just because you add the word You to your sentences and have a questioning tone doesnt mean you are posing a question. Here is an example: questions like You wait in the lobby? or What time is it? are not proper questions. It should be Do you want to wait in the lobby? and What is the time? Make sure you follow the proper grammar rule of the object follows the subject not the other way around.

    6)Avoid Native Tongue Thinking: I see many people do this. They think of something they wish to say in their native tongue and completely translate it. The rules of English and the rules of your native language are completely different. If you want to speak in English, think in English.

    7)Alphabet Pronunciation: It is really hard to pronounce things the proper way when you have a hard time pronouncing the alphabets. For example- The alphabet E is pronounced as E not YE. The alphabet O is pronounced as O not VO. If you have some time practice saying the alphabets in your head the proper way. Pronounce each alphabet correctly without adding unnecessary sounds.

    8)Idea of Mimicking: Create this frame of mind. The way you currently pronounce things is wrong. So to fix it pretend you are mimicking the way Canadians pronounce things. It may seem odd at first but if you practice this a little you will soon find yourself speaking like a Canadian!

    I hope some of these tips do help you. We all want you to get a good job and fulfill your dreams here in Canada. Think about it. Who cares if you dont have enough Canadian Experience? Make your prospective employers think you have what it takes. Speak like a professional and gain their trust. I honestly think when companies say You dont have enough experience they just mean that they dont feel assured by your abilities. You are from a different country and why should they hire someone from a new country to their company? Will you trust a complete stranger and that too from a different country? Give the assurance your prospective employer needs. Improve your speech. You may have all the technical skills that you need but if you dont know how to express yourself all your knowledge becomes useless.

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