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    Where ever in India you are are you must go to DELHI for your VISA (you have consulate offices in many cities in India however its only the Canadian High Commision at DELHI which gives u a VISA to enter Canada. you will generally not be refused a VISA unless your applications are not strong enough financially and also it is difficult for student into Medicine and its related sciences (doesnt mean an automatic reject though :-) ).

    Even then these tips will make it all the more peaceful.
    Speak slowly and clearly.
    Don't appear tense and don't look desparate.
    Showing self-confidence helps.
    o Go along with a friend having a vehicle (just in case you have to go & get something)
    o They should never feel that you will have any sort of difficulty in language, finance, racial, religious, etc.

    If they ask you, points in favor are :

    a) only child,
    b) immovable property in India (can take a proof document),
    c) orthodox family,
    d) brought up in rural atmosphere,
    e) lots of relatives in India; none abroad,
    f) mom, dad won't come to Canada,
    g) field of interest not available in India,
    h) change of field not possible in India.
    Actually all this won't be required - just in case in an interview with you these tips will come in handy.
    o In the Canadian High Commision 120 VISA's are granted per day so it is neccessary for you to stand in the line early while applying for your VISA. It isnt an instant process though. You first submit your documents (here they dont check them they just put it in a folder, stick a TOKEN number) and you will be asked to wait in a lounge then they call out your name and you will have an interview. They record all the details you produce so stick onto your words and records.

    o Go sometime before and get the form for this (you can take filled form)
    o Things to be taken with you when you go for the visa
    a) Acceptance letter from the University
    b) filled visa application form
    c) passport size photos (take some glue)
    d) passport
    e) admission & aid letters
    f) TOEFL & GRE scores (not a must)
    g) Photo copy of grade cards

    Best of Luck! See you in Canada! 

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