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  • Watch ‘The Amazing Race’

    By mickelhob

    The Amazing Race is a reality Drama of American Version. The show telecast first time on CBS in United State in 2001. The series directed by Elise Doganieri and Bertram van Munster. Phil kherghan is the anchor of the show. The Amazing Race consists of 20 seasons. Now upcoming season is 21 broadcast on 30 September 2012 on CBS at 8pm. One can easily Watch The Amazing Race Online whenever they wish to.
    This reality game show consists of eleven group member. Each member comprised of two people. The members must have some kind of relation with each other. The relation can be married couple, brother-sister, father-son, daughter-mother, best-friends.
    The participants came from different countries .The team format changed according to season. Family edition part consists of total 10 people of 4 group including young children. The winning team will honoured with $1 million.
    The game show procedure is that the contestant will go around the world. the teams have to fulfill some challenges to step forward to next round. The challenges can be physical or mental tasks. The team that is far behind disqualified from the game. And the team who reach at final destination will win the 1 million dollar.
    The first season of The Amazing Race broadcasted first time on CBS in 1 September 2001 in USA and up to 31 December 2001. The winners of this time were Rob Frisbee and Brennan. In this part team traveled total 35000 miles in 39 days. It consists of total 13 episodes. This first season could not get success because it premiered 6 days before September 11 attacks.
    Second season run from 11 March 2002 to 15 May 2012. The winning members were of two childhood friends. Here team traveled 52000 miles in 28 days. In this Phil the host welcomed each member at end of every leg. This season is sponsored by two officials American Airlines and Royal Caribbean International.
    On third season that run from 2 October 2002 to December 18 2002. Flo Pesenti and Zach Behr both are friends were the winners of this time round, Flo becoming the first female winner in The Amazing Race’s history.
    All the season goes on with popularity in viewers. The recent part was 20. This program premiered on Sunday February 19 2012 on CBS. This Program was renewed in June 11 2011. The winners of this season were married couple Rachel and Dave Brown. The cast member were former Big Brother contestant Rachel Reilly, Andrew Weber who is the major league Soccer player, professional golfer Maiya Tanaka who previously appeared on reality competition The Big Break. It also includes a pair of agents, married and dating divorcees.
    The real version of The Amazing race broadcast on CBS in September 2001.but later CBS allowed other countries for this show in October 2005.
    Sony picture Television International's AXN Asia announced an Asian edition of the race, recognized as The Amazing Race Asia. Its first season premiered on November 9, 2006.
    All in all, the show consist all those essential elements which made it a ‘Hit’ series. The viewers can even now Watch The Amazing Race Online. One can easily watch Free The Amazing Race Episodes whenever and wherever they wish so.
    For non-stop entertainment, fans can Watch The Amazing Race Online. There are many sites available on internet and one such popular site is

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