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  • I must be the luckiest Gulfee Canadian Desi

    By Sandman ca

    Hi Guys,
    I have been a member for a couple of months now and been a keen visitor to this site. It certainly gave me a chance to understand that not everybody has it easy once they arrive in Canada.

    I have been extremely lucky and fortunate and my story goes as follows.

    I left India on 30th December 87 at the age of 25 for the Middle East and worked in Saudi Arabia till 93 when I got a break with a progressive company in Bahrain who sent me to the US for my training. I worked with the company till Dec 05 by which time I had climbed the ladder and was responsible for the entire Middle Eastern operation.I had a great package and enjoyed family status and tickets to India every year.

    In the year 2000 I decided that I wanted to come to Canada.
    I applied and was accepted. I made my landing in November 02 and within three weeks returned to my job in Bahrain as the new rules allowed me to spend up to three years out of Canada. During my short stay in Canada I applied for all my cards and got my PR card before leaving with my family.

    I returned to Canada in Dec 05 with my family and on Jan 06 I was interviewed for a District Managers position by the same company whose most successful international franchise I had managed for 13 years in the Middle East.

    Today I work for their corporate office and operate from home I also have a company car all paid. My office is in the solarium of my 19th story condo with a great view of the city. I manage my own time and on most days I finish by 3 pm. I spend a lot of time with my kids and can now watch them grow.I will be going to the US again next month for my training.

    The Gods I must admit have been very kind to me. I knew I had my limitations as far as my educational qualifications were concerned.Common sense and hard work has been the secret of my success. Patience is the virtue of intelligent people, remain focused and give it your best shot.

    Not bad for a guy who left India as a pass class BA graduate. 

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