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Social Security- To Social Insurance (CPP) - Credits transfer


Most of you might have moved from US to Canada and are in the process of moving in furture as well.

I am NOT sure if you are aware of this FACT that you can get you US Social Security Credits transfered to Canada. i.e; to you SSN account and contributions made to CPP.

Credits in US Social Security accrue to your account by virtue of regular contributions made to Social Security fund. (through your paychecks)

The same credits can be and are eligible to be transfered to Candian Social Security contributions you make Via CPP ( Canadian Pension Plan).

The general principle to avail the Social Security benefits in US is; a person must have accumulated at least 40 credits - which normally accrues out of regular contributions for at least Six(6) years to the Social Security fund.

You can find out about your credit details by contacting Social Security offices in USA. and also get more information on how you can get that transfered over to Canadian Social Security funds (CPP).

For more information follow the link below.

MORE IMPORTANT: US has this Social Security agreements with 21 countries, so explore your options here.

So if you have not done this, you might want to do this now.

Please post your comments;

Thanks and Good luck.


Senior Desi
Member since: May 04
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Location: VA, USA

Post ID: 63284 16-12-05 12:38:21
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Senior Desi
Member since: Aug 05

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Location: Woodbridge

Good information
Thats one info most CDs would like to know. thanks Naudurivsm.

The reverse is also possibble CPP-> SSN I suppose.


Post ID: 63288 16-12-05 12:50:13
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Senior Desi
Member since: May 04

Posts: 376
Location: VA, USA

Orginally posted by hchheda

Thats one info most CDs would like to know. thanks Naudurivsm.

The reverse is also possibble CPP-> SSN I suppose.


Yes it is possibe... All of who want to know more and about the process to achieve this should contact either Social Security Administration offices in US and Loacal HRDC offices in Canada.


Post ID: 63290 16-12-05 13:13:53
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Senior Desi
Member since: Jul 04

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If we work in both countries can we draw Social security and CPP separately.I am fine if either SSA cheque is added to CPP or vice versa.

I am hoping that the Totalisation agreement does not consider for folks who have worked in both countries for 40 quarters as having contributed to the same pool.

Post ID: 189051 06-11-11 23:09:38
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Junior Desi
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I need to transfer credits
I worked in the US for 7 years. paid huge money in to ssn. i need info on credits transfer
Could you please answer these questions for me
(a) what do you mean by transfer of credits?
(b) who do i need to talk to to transfer credits?
(c) I'm an indian citizen who plan to live in canada for 6 years and go back to india for good only as indian citizen. US says we need to pay 40 credits/10 years to be eligible for their benefit. Now, if I pay 30 credits in US and 10 credits in Canada, will I be eligible for the benefit? would canada and US do automatic credit calculation and give me 2 benefits as SSN benifit and CPP benefit upon retirement?
(d) when i go back to india for good in 6 years, is it possible to get the money from these ssn and cpp and take it back?

Please clarify

Post ID: 192735 13-02-12 13:40:50
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