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Eyeglasses / Opticians ..

rajcanadaMember of Administrators
Member since: Jul 03

Posts: 2713
Location: Kitchener, ON

Originally posted by Gapodi

This optician business is another case of plain fraud in Canada.
I am covered by my insurance and pay about $200 for frames+glasses from hakim.
test costs $65
I travel to india every year so of late just walk into any optician shop and get the test done for 99 cents....actually even cheaper than that as it is just rupees 35.
Some businesses in Canada are just day time robbers

It is better to go to eye doctor than optician in India, who can do a more through examination of the eye.

Give free food ||

Post ID: 168340 25-07-10 18:56:28
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Senior Desi
Member since: Aug 06

Posts: 5286
Location: Canada

And yet , the eye doctor costs just Rs 100/- or $2/- as I got my eyes checked 3 yrs back ...

Post ID: 168344 25-07-10 22:51:46
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Rahul Gupta
Junior Desi
Member since: Mar 10

Posts: 41

Dear Friends!

I have no insurance

My son 8 yrs got high lenses prescription today(ofcourse this is free)

but when i checked they cost around $200 minimum in a famous shop

For Kid i mean chances of lossing them or breaking,I am not able to pay that much

Can anyone pls suggest any shops sell less and accurate specs


Post ID: 193806 12-03-12 16:58:44
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Senior Desi
Member since: Jan 08

Posts: 1002
Location: Toronto

Unfortunately, the costs are like that.

Check the price at walmart. You will have some warranty if your kid breaks the frame / glasses.

Kids under 16 years old should be able to get free glasses and frames under some schemes ... ( may be from school or some NGO) ... but you may have to go through some process. Do some research or check if any community adviser in school can help. May be some CDs will be able to share more info.

Post ID: 193818 12-03-12 22:03:02
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Senior Desi
Member since: Jan 08

Posts: 1002
Location: Toronto

Originally posted by taker

Eye glass and frame are very expensive here. I got quote from Hakim and other opticians, they charge for frame from $200-$400 (depends on material,style etc) and $300 for glasses.

So I bought it from India because my insurance coverage is upto $200.

Hope this help.


Same thing I did .... but my experience was disaster. I took glasses for me, my wife and my son in India which coasted more than Rs.28,000 and I was happy that I saved some money. But the net result is my son and wife took glasses again in Canada. I am the only person using because I paid the money even though I am not happy with the glasses. You have to be careful in taking glasses in India .... particularly if your visit is very short and the optical shop is new for you.

1. Most of the optical shops will have a optician/doctor name at display but most likely one would end up in getting checked by the owner of the shop or even worker of the shop who is not really qualified ( but knows how to check).

2. Frames can have lot of problems which you may not notice immediately ... you need to have enough time .. to get them corrected or replaced ( of course that is not really possible).

3. Regarding glasses ... they tell lot of things about quality and types but I realized that there is a big difference between what I was told and what I got.

According to my experience, I saved some money .... but finally felt that it is not really worth that much. Of course, it is only my experience .. not necessarily will be the same for others.

Post ID: 193819 12-03-12 22:24:08
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