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Eyeglasses / Opticians ..

Senior Desi
Member since: Sep 04

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Go To Next Optical in Malton. I am using progressive lenses in Good Frame. You will get them in 250-300 Range easily. Believe me, I am using them with progressive & coating since last 5 years
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Desi # 1
Senior Desi
Member since: Dec 03

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Location: Mississauga

Originally posted by chandresh

Wow, I am really surprised that people can get eyeglasses made for less than $200. I have been trying for four years and different glasses both in Canada and in India but none of them have been perfect and so many times I have returned them (including to Lens Crafters/ Kanda opticals and even in Delhi). From cost point of view, none of them have costed me less that $400 (the cheapest was Delhi - about Rs13,500)

Or is it because I want progressive and non-reflective glasses? But the frames her are not less than $125 and none of the shops here are willing to fit new lenses in my existing frame which I like.

Anyone can direct me to a good shop - NO, I simply cannot do on-line thing. No insurance adjustment needed since my plan does not cover glasses. All I want is simple and workable progressive lenses (since otherwise I need three glasses - one for reading, another for computer at office and one for long distance)

Check at Costco. They put lenses in customer owned frames. Cheapest Crizal coating glasses will cost you $230

Post ID: 156214 08-01-10 18:44:09
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Nichole Optician
Junior Desi
Member since: Jan 10

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Nowadays, more and more people choose to buy eyeglasses online, either prescription or non-prescription types. The Internet does offer some benefits for online customers. There are currently online sunglass stores, prescription glass stores and goggles shops.

Thanks for sharing..

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Senior Desi
Member since: Aug 06

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Location: Canada

I looked around a little and I found Real Canadian to be giving the best quality and prices .... Curently they have a promotion of 50% off on frames if you buy glasses from them ...

Why are glasses so expensive here as compared to India ? .... Most of the opticians do not deal in glass lenses and those who do quote like 200/- for pair of lenses ........:confused:

Even the plastic lenses are so expensive ..... I wonder why there s such a huge difference ... My photo chromatic lenses (called transition here ) costed me as much as Rs 250/- in India and that too glass ones ....

No wonder online stores are so popular .... If you measure the distance b/w 2 pupils in mm ( PD) not hard to do and check the basic measurments of a frame (for me its 54/18) ... you will get a similar fit online ...


Post ID: 157371 29-01-10 11:18:50
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Senior Desi
Member since: Aug 06

Posts: 5286
Location: Canada

Folks ,

I owe you a big time update .. Thanks to the person who reminded me ...

I checked out and all the opticians fleece you here in Canada ... even Next / Akal / Hakim ...... ALL of them .

I zeroed in on Zenni Opticals and Goggles 4 U online sellers ..... Zenni was advertising $10 / pair but the shipping charge was $8/- .... G4U had the shipping free if you ordered => $20/- .... I selected the frames from the website and ordered 2 pairs ............... and they were delivered in two weeks time ......

I am very happy I ordered online .....For those who wish to .. follow these steps ..

Get your prescription and your PD ... distance b/w both eye pupils ...

Visit a few Optical and try some frames to check your size ... You will find commonalities to the correct fit .............. check the sizes on the arms of the frames which generally have 2 measures --- the complete length of the frame and the length of the bridge of the nose ... in my case it was 54 / 18 ... I chose the frames which matched these .... and they have turned out to be fine ....

Website is


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Senior Desi
Member since: Apr 09

Posts: 290

Thanks Fido....very useful.

Post ID: 168142 22-07-10 15:31:03
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Senior Desi
Member since: Jul 04

Posts: 1040
Location: Woodbridge

Online glasses & PD
Hi Fido and other CD friends,
Can you pls share on how do you obtain your PD?
Thanks for the useful info, it shall go a long way in guiding CD friends for their glasses.
Unfortunately I just had my done here locally.
I shall share my experience on that.
My daughters made theirs from "Great Glasses" they are giving 3 pairs for $200, but when I submitted their invoices to my insurance"Industrail Alliance Allied Insurance" they refuted the claim on the grounds that these opticians are operating with unfair trade practices and that they have a Ont gov case pending against them.
PD measurement shall help me in obtaining my spare pair from online opticians


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Senior Desi
Member since: Aug 06

Posts: 5286
Location: Canada

Google for actual steps or better go to any Optician and request for a PD measurement ....

Its simple ... take a mm scale and place it on the nose of the person across the eyes ......Keep the zero at the bridge of the nose , tell the person to look straight and measure the distance in mm where you get the eye pupil .... Then check out for the other eye .... It could be like 15 mm for one and 12 mm for the other one ... in which case it is 15+12 = 27 mm ....... You can alternatively use this scale and measure the distance b/w both the pupils in a single shot .....

Or when you go for an eye test , ask the doctor / optician to do it for you ..... Please check with your Insurance Company first if they will entertain invoices from sellers .... More often than not they will say a Yes as the prices are so less .... Same for glasses made in India ..... check RedFlagDeals for this .


Post ID: 168207 23-07-10 10:30:29
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Senior Desi
Member since: Aug 04

Posts: 186

This optician business is another case of plain fraud in Canada.
I am covered by my insurance and pay about $200 for frames+glasses from hakim.
test costs $65
I travel to india every year so of late just walk into any optician shop and get the test done for 99 cents....actually even cheaper than that as it is just rupees 35.
Some businesses in Canada are just day time robbers

Post ID: 168211 23-07-10 10:57:14
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Senior Desi
Member since: Nov 09

Posts: 111

Optometry school is expensive in Canada.

Post ID: 168214 23-07-10 11:45:36
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