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Thank YOU!

I just wanted to thank CD and esp. its members like Chandresh, Biomed, Garvo, Kjoyti, Sameera, etc.. who have made me feel welcome to this site and who have also gone out of their way to offer sincere assistance/advice. There is never any need for anyone to be helpful in anyway but the fact that there are people on this site who are caring enough to do so, and take time out from their busy schedules for others, is absolutely wonderful and I hope it stays this way. This is one of the few sites where its posters are not just fluff-and-air and are actually able to make a difference. Hope your meeting turns out well and see u all at the picnic whenever it is organized :).
i am back :)

Last edited by: beautysalon on 30-04-04 15:34:50

Member since: Jan 04
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Location: Leaside, ON

Post ID: 13597 30-04-04 15:34:12
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Senior Desi
Member since: Mar 03

Posts: 2605
Location: Toronto

Nice of you to put that in words on a public forum, specialy when I was the one who had criticized your very first post (regarding advertisment for your catering business).

We are all here to help each other in all possible manners, and that is precisely the motto and purpose of this site and its creator, and active users.

Your baby is due soon and hope everything goes off nicely - don't hesitate to call on us (give us a shout - you have our phone nos) if you need the littlest of help.

And though I never like people using this phrase in ordinary mails/posts/chats etc., let me write it today ------ Take Care!



Advice is free lessons I charge for!!

Post ID: 13598 30-04-04 15:43:41
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Senior Desi
Member since: Jul 03

Posts: 700
Location: Mississauga, Ontario

So nice of you Beautysalon, Canadian Desi is a family and being a member of this wonderful family I feel it is my (our) moral responsibility to help other family members in any possible way.

Looking forward to hear the good news from you :cheers: , please let me know if you need any help in the hospital or outside the hospital.

Once again thanks a lot for your kind words!


"Change before you have to" : Jack Welch

Last edited by: biomed on 30-04-04 16:41:16
Post ID: 13604 30-04-04 16:40:51
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Senior Desi
Member since: Feb 04

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Location: Canada

Hi Beautysalon,

So nice of U dear:) although i didn't give U any help much , but don't worry will take ur tips later:D as U promised;) All the best I know ur due date is very near:cheers: . Hey but don't forget our treat.

Takecare yaar & wish U all the best:cheers: Looking forward to hear a good news soon:) . Our all the wishes with U!!!


Last edited by: kjyoti26 on 01-05-04 02:00:42
Post ID: 13617 01-05-04 02:00:06
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