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  > Telus vs Wind ( with : Better ?
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Telus vs Wind ( with : Better ?

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Originally posted by dudewheresmycar

None of the new entrants have a sustainable plan to survive for long as they are running on huge losses with marginal subscriber base..
At the current prices these companies are charging they will need 2 to 3 million subs each to sustain... currently the biggest of them all Wind has only 600K subs..

All the new entrants will be take over targets once their investors lose patience.

I only expect Public mobile to survive on its own because they have managed to keep costs low by buying the cheapest bandwidth in Ontario and Quebec thus covering almost 60% of the canadian population.

I disagree...

Wind has a huge business in Europe and Middle East so it can easily bare its Canadian sector losses (with the hope that at some point of time they will make money) .... Not all the companies make money in all of their geographical locations...

Mobilicity is privatly owned and has American investment in its ownership.. Number of subscribers is one fact to know how well that business is doing but on what source you are saying that they are running on huge losses. As a privatly owned company we don't have access to their annual P & L reports.

Regarding the takeovers... that may happen.. but when these new companies get their licences from CRTC they have some conditions such as they must do business for certain years in the country before selling it to the big 3 (bell, telus, rogers). Not sure when this will happen..

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Senior Desi
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Location: Canada

Like I said , the onus is on us to help these new companies grow the customer base shifts , It will benefit mutually .... I shall go ahead with Wind Mobile .


Post ID: 195181 12-04-12 13:00:18
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