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  Canada Immigration Forum > News > News and Events > Terrible attacks in Paris! Mass slaughter by Islamists!
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Terrible attacks in Paris! Mass slaughter by Islamists!

Senior Desi
Member since: Sep 04

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Location: India.

There was this talk about the NATO and Russian forces taking out only specific targets and ensure there are no civilian casualties. Otherwise, the civilian victims may join the ranks of ISIS.

While every effort will be taken by France, UK, USA or Russia to avoid civilian targets, we cannot discount the terrorists hiding amidst school children or hospital patients and later cry foul. ND TV's Srinivasan Jain showed TV footage of one such rocket attack by terrorists from civilian areas but directed towards targets in Israel. Even if the warplanes of the western forces extend basic human considerations, it is not going to be reciprocated by the terrorists, like what they did to Parisians. Better to go ahead with the air strikes as surgical precision as possible and be done with it at the earliest.


Post ID: 228905 20-11-15 06:28:31
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Junior Desi
Member since: Aug 07

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You should Understand that they are not islamist much like the Americans who killed millions in Iraq where not christian fundamentalist. It is a geopolitical situation.

Why dont you refer to hitler who killed six million jews as a chiritian fundamentalist.
why don't you consider the wars fought by the church that killed millions of aztecs in the name of spreading christianity as christian fundamentalism.

The issue is you have to have an open mind and think intellectually.

if you are enlightened think in an enlightened manner.

Post ID: 229255 06-12-15 18:49:07
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Senior Desi
Member since: Aug 10

Posts: 2006

Here is an expose (by Russia) of some NATO countries supporting ISIS , US included.

Of course this press conference by Russian foreign minister will not appear in mainstream media (CNN, BBC ) .

Post ID: 229257 06-12-15 21:48:09
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