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What is going on with CMR 101.3 FM station

I listen to this station quite often while driving in GTA.

Is this station working with a hidden agenda of Anti-India & Breaking India propaganda.

The 11 to 2 PM " Asian Connections " program has become a virtual AAP - Aam Aadmi Party propaganda machine. The party members in the form news journalist are into low quality India bashing and Modi bashing. Whatever you can say have some respect for the Prime Minister of India. They are also hinting at Khalistan !.

The Tamil programs and news on the Jallikattu issue also is propagating fake news about the protests and also about appeals filed in Supreme Court of India. They are also propagating news about Tamil Nation propaganda persons of Tamil Nadu liken Seemaan, Gowthaman, Thirumurugan Gandhi who wanted to remove Indian flag and put up a separate Tamil Nation flag on Fort St.George the home of Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly.

BTW one of my Srilankan Tamil friend claims that you could buy a Indian citizenship for a few Lakh rupees in Tamil Nadu!.


If any of you know anybody in the Indian High Commission of Canada please inform them about these Anti-Indian activities. India should protest to the Canadian government about allowing this in the name of freedom of speech.

I've already routed my information to some senior MP's and smaller leaders from Tamilnadu from the ruling party.

If you are advertising or buying products based on this radio station please mark you protest by telling the station and advertisers that Anti India propaganda will not be supported by Hindustani Canadians.

Jai Hind!

Sunny Leone a true Canadian DESI now back in India !.

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