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MIC (Mortgage Investment Corporation)

Hi Guys,

Any one knows good MIC to invest for fixed return?

I recently come to know about Silverfern Secured Mortgage Fund from Paramount (Search on Google and you will find more information). ROI is 10% fixed. Interest deposited every month and 1 year term.

I know there are so many MIC's. Looking for fix return on investment. Any one has an experience with good MIC? Any suggestion to invest in MIC?

Any detail will be appreciated..


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There are many good articles written on this subject. When banks are struggling to give you 1.5% return here in Canada, how come these people are able to give you double digit return. Some container companies give even 14%. That is another investment. That also needs investigation.The reason that they are able to is because they can HOLD just 50 of their mortgages here in Canada and give your money away to some one in a far away land for a higher rate of return and hope that they will get it back. It will be good to read more in their prospectus. Also see if there were any defaulters overseas and any such losses reported to the CSE and who all lost in that issue.

Plus the same author has written special articles and from time to time has published books. Please see the links below to get an idea from the same author.

Hope this helps.

Currently there are people who derive slightly more than what I mentioned here based on the principle of ERGODICS. Now go and chew on it.

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