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Benefits of cow urine

Last month I went to India and had cow urine for 3weeks . I am healthy person but have minor allergy, digestion and cough cold problem . Also my cholesterol was slightly higher. My all these problems are solved, cholesterol level also slightly reduced . I brought 3 more bottles of 250 ml each to Canada and continue having it daily .

Today I read one message about benefits of cow urine , I feel it is worth to share it .

God bless excellent health to all of you.


👌One of the best remedy for cancer is to drink GoMutra Ark 10ml mixed in 190 ml of water early in the morning after getting up from bad (can clean the teeth, if u so desire).



Amazing appreciation from all groups where I shared above message...

One is reproduced with contact details for the benefit of cancer patients.

Mr. Ankit Shah. Cell No. +91 88980 24246‬:

Very true... Vimal G...

My dad is also using it...

He had undergone radiation therapy two years back...

And just 3 months back he was not well at all...

Started taking GoMutra Ark from last two months... And is feeling much better now...

He was not finding the food tasty earlier... But now he does...

He feels energetic now...

Even I have found many people saying the same.

Is Ark se kam se kam 108 disease khatam ho jaate hain...

Plz share such experience so that we all can benefit.

Viml: Because I benefited, I never miss an opportunity to share it with all. In fact USA has got some patent on GoMutra Ark.
It rebuilds our immune system which in turn does all magic. 🙏

Right now he is taking 20 ml mixed with 100 ml of water... So that its more effective...

But I have heard that 10 ml is enough...

Recently I had gone to Sarangpur, famous Hanuman temple in Gujarat and I bought Ark from there...

Viml:- Make it little more dilute, I feel. As ARK is generally Strong. If he feels even a little burning while taking it. 🙏

Now We should appreciate why GauMata is Pujaniya ...

Last edited by: zindabad on 26-02-17 17:11:51

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Senior Desi
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Any scientific study or data to support or just placebo effect?
A Delhite in Toronto

Post ID: 234080 27-02-17 10:22:14
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Senior Desi
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No there is no study or data to support . You should try it , It won't harm you . Lots of literature in hindi is available explaining benefits of cow urine . You may find Rajiv Dixit 's videos , pdf books on it . But there is no modern scientific study / data available to support it .

When ever I come to know such a good things related to health I just confirm that " is there any harm ??? " If I get answer NO then I go for it and try . Same way I tried cow urine and my allergy , cough , cold issue resolved . My cholesterol level was little higher for last 6 years , after having cow urine for a month it drops slightly . I will go for blood check after 3 months and will see what I gain ??

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Hi Zindabad ,
Is cow urine available in Canada ? Please share if you have any info .


Post ID: 234385 27-03-17 12:21:39
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I am using distilled cow urine called " Gau mutra ark " . I bought it from India and bring it here for my use . I am not sure about its availability in canada . You may check with baba ramdev 's patanjali shop in toronto -brampton . As far as my information Gau mutra ark from " Pathmeda " is the best one . You can buy it online , I am not sure whether they deliver it in canada or no ? check following web site and inquire ..

They mention on website that they deliver it in Canada also .

If you can not buy it from Pathmeda then you may check from patanjali shop in toronto .

Last edited by: zindabad on 28-03-17 18:27:20
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on side note:
I am not sure of Cow urine benefits but certainly you cant denied the possibility - moraraji desai used to drink his own urine.

But i am sure for one thing and that is medicines ...

Big medical mafia has monoply over our life and we don't see it... there are so many cure is available in different format but medical mafia wont allow us to see the benefits... similar as oil mafia there are other alternative but due to oil mafia we are not able to get benefits of those alternative... look at the wind/solar/biograde etc... any time someone come up with solutions either they got baught out or put side line by hook or crook...

I have personal experience with my own health... few years back doctor found sugar in my blood ( diabetic) , prescribe me some drug ( i believe metformin) - i refused to take medicine , he was so mad at me. ...

i called my family back home and get some powder ( couple of stuff in it) - drank it in morning for few weeks, went for blood test.... sugar is gone...

went to doctor - he was so upset and ask me not to use those useless stuff... i continue with that powder ( which was home made from my village) , refuse to took medicine... it has been almost 5 years , my sugar is gone for good...


I am against using any medicine ( especially stupid tynalon, Advil and those cough syrup ) - my medicine is Tea, garlic and turmeric - May be few sots of Scotch :) :) :)

'Some goals are so worthy, it's glorious even to fail.' (Param Vir Chakra awardee Lt. Manoj Pandey)

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Senior Desi
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One hospital in Gujarat claims that they can cure cancer by Cowpathy ...

Post ID: 234440 31-03-17 02:00:08
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