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The state of current Indian media

The fake news media will become a monster when the main stream media will join hands with this fake news media, politicians and corporates. There will be news on steroids, away from the reality and day to day issues of the common persons. It will cause a burst to vent out the anger and dissatisfaction of the society because the media is showing that ‘All is well’. Planting fear in the society for the 'benefit of corporates' is another example of degradation of political system. It is proven in the Gulf war. A fearless analysis of current stand of Indian media in this video. The speaker is reading from his mind.

A Delhite in Toronto


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This is indeed wonderful and spellbound on all fronts. I watched it yesterday in my FB feed. This guy surely speaks from his heart and truest to the core.

I wish him success all along. Really wish for all the other so-called 'journalists' to try and emulate or at least exercise the free thought away from their 'paid' media owners. The current trend is sickening that we are experiencing with the majority of the worshipping channels as well as the 'Arnabization' of the News.

Ravish Kumar is a gem, along with the highly acclaimed Vinod Dua.

Only a handful are left. Revere them.

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