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PEO Exam Study Material

Junior Desi
Member since: Feb 12

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Location: Canada

I was pretty nervous about the PPE exam, but I passed and was well prepared. In my experience, you will have no problem with this test if you know exactly what to study for.

I paid for the training course called xxxxx. They've got 30 years of exams/answers and they tell you exactly what to focus on. They also buy/sell the new/old textbooks.

Highly recommend this service. If I was writing the test again, I would sign up for xxxxx, use their Ultimate Cram Course and spend less than 5 hours studying.

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Junior Desi
Member since: Jul 16

Posts: 4

Hello Everyone..!!!!

I request all to share your ERC interview experience. I am basically looking for info on following aspects:
- Interview Duration
- No. of Experience summaries Covered
- Did interviewer ask questions on Work Experience Summary other than the ones or twos you prepared?
- Difficulty Level of interview - the questions were basic or in-depth detailed ones?
- Should I concentrate more on the equation / numbers or should I more concentrate on the overall engineering process / principle ?

I would appreciate your efforts if you could share your experience please.

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Junior Desi
Member since: Mar 15

Posts: 1
Location: Canada

Advertising is not permitted in charcha

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Junior Desi
Member since: Feb 17

Posts: 1

I am to decide one Complimentary Studies subject - Engineering Economics or Engineering in Society Health and Safety. Can anyone please advise?

Post ID: 234050 22-02-17 12:34:54
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Full House
Senior Desi
Member since: Oct 12

Posts: 2469

You would have completed both of these topics when you finished your course curriculum in your Engineering Degree. How well you fared in these subjects currently matters. In my books they are huge and your knowledge might be very limited. The reason being, there are very few publications available that are current and the materials that you can buy or available to you currently date back 4-5 years behind. THAT WON'T DO. They are expecting a very good response from you and needs to be as current as you can bring them upto it.

Unless you have vast experience and the current knowledge of the field, please do consult one of the PROFs in any Engineering Faculty in a UNIVERSITY near by and seek guidance from them. That will bring you upto date. Alternately pay for a coach and learn from him/her. It will be well worth the money you will spend, since all they are asking of you is ONE Subject matter out of the two. Which one is your best out of the two that you want to prove that you know. Learn it well. ACE IT.

Good Luck.


You will need all of the facts and figures of a Completed project if you are tackling the subject on Economics. One that you did work OR one you will be able to get to know more from some one.

If you are going to tackle Health and safety, then you will have to know more about all of the chemicals and energy products, pollution, containment and removal, avoidance and the costs. Involve disposals too. May also need to know more about WHMIS and antidotes and the manner in which all of these gets handled and the corresponding bodies and their readiness, location and their hierarchies and Access numbers too. (in Canada)

Learn them well.

There are coaches who do this for a fee.
Originally posted by WannabePENG

I am to decide one Complimentary Studies subject - Engineering Economics or Engineering in Society Health and Safety. Can anyone please advise?

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