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Business guys Business.

Hello Friends,
Is there any one who has migrated to canada & started a small or a big business in canada. I wanna know whether all the migrants take up job or r there any migrants to dare to start a business. if any one is in business then what type of business they do.


Junior Desi
Member since: Dec 04
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Location: Mumbai India

Post ID: 39663 12-02-05 11:24:21
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Member since: Aug 04

Posts: 91
Location: Oakville

You have asked a very funny question ....... a lot of desi immigrants come and establish a business venture ..... you have to be a little more specific in what is it exactly that you are asking for ???????

It all depends on what level of business would you like to get into ..... you are looking at something from a couple of thousend dollars and it goes on to a few milloion ones ..... services .. production ... retail ... wholesale..... food industry import .... restaurant .... just because it is Canada .. does not mean it is out of this world .... the rules of the game are the same ...... you basically need to find the ropes and the system mechanics before you jump into something ... which holds good for any country for that matter ....

Do not want to be cynical about it .... but just like any other part of the world there are a lot of success stories, shadowed by huge disaster ones too.

When the Axe entered the forest ... the trees cried out ..... It is the Handle that is one of us.

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Post ID: 39671 12-02-05 12:59:43
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Junior Desi
Member since: Sep 12

Posts: 9
Location: Canada

There is no restriction for an outsider to start a business in Canada. You can start any business of your interest. If you are going to start a small business then you should sell it to maximize the pros.

Post ID: 201239 04-10-12 06:39:32
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