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Need a tiffin service in Scarborough, Toronto

Junior Desi
Member since: Apr 04

Posts: 11
Location: Scarborough

I was referred to this lady who caters home made food both vegetarian and non veg and her rates are also very reasonable.The quality of the food is excellent and also the quantity.I take a weeks supply but is sufficient for both lunch and dinner and there's lot of variety.i think u guys should also check it out. a lot of centennial students are taking food from her.

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Senior Desi
Member since: Aug 04

Posts: 772
Location: Toronto

Also, try posting classifieds in nearest Indian/Asian grocery stores (if they allow) and/or bus stops.

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Senior Desi
Member since: Jul 04

Posts: 1651
Location: (0,0,0)

Did anybody try this service?

Post ID: 177410 07-01-11 12:19:46
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Junior Desi
Member since: Apr 04

Posts: 11
Location: Scarborough

weekly punjabi food service in scarborough and downtown
Hi Guys,
Why don't you check out with My Rasoi which caters both weekly and daily tiffin services. The lady prepares very good and healthy food as per your tastes and liking and best of all delivers to your home.I have been with her and so have my friends at downtown for the last 8 months and never we had a complaint.The menu changes every week. Try her and call her at xxxxxxxxx.

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Senior Desi
Member since: Jan 04

Posts: 1754
Location: Ottawa (Now in Bangalore)

Tiffin service in North York / Yonge-Lawrence or Yonge/North-York center?
Hi Folks
Can you recommend any tiffin service in the Yonge/Lawrence area (1-meal per day or 2 meals per day ?)
I checked out tiffin service but the information provided on their websites are fuzzy. I would prefer Veg. food.

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Junior Desi
Member since: Jul 14

Posts: 1

No advertisements in charcha please
Please post in classifieds sections

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Junior Desi
Member since: Jul 14

Posts: 1
Location: India

No advertising in charcha!

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Senior Desi
Member since: Aug 11

Posts: 1041

What's the going rate for 2 people in Mississauga..or for 1 person .

Vegeterian Lunch , Dinner , 5 days a week for BOTH lunch & dinner. Basically Mon-Fri .

Just simple L & D , nothing fancy , couple of rotis per person , some veg Sabji , some dal , some rice , some sweet (maybe once in a while )

Post ID: 214639 11-09-14 17:52:18
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Junior Desi
Member since: Jul 16

Posts: 1

I know a very good punjabi tiffin service at very reasonable price. Call xxxxx

Edit: Advertising information removed

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Junior Desi
Member since: Sep 16

Posts: 3

No advertising in charcha

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