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I am an Indo Canadian

By jingada

I am an Indo Canadian, settled in Canada for last 6 years. Recently I borught my family from India. We are a small family.

To begin with, I also struggled a lot like others in the initial phase. I was doing survival jobs and answering to unqualified and/or semi-qualified and even under aged supervisors. Even this date, I am not settled well in my profession, accounting. Comparing to this, my brother, cousins, working in Singapore Hindu temples , either in Administrative jobs, or temple cook are able to save more money and invest in housing etc, than what I can do here. Just on the border of survival. I am not alone.

There are 1000s of immigrants from India and other countries struggle a lot. Canada is a not a land of opportunity to one and all. Only limited percentage of population is succesful one. Substantially not. In fact, around last Federal election , one Indian , who has become canadian citizen, blasted the job opportunities available in Canada. In fact, the general feeling is, whereas there are lot of labour jobs available for males and administrative jobs are mainly reserved for ladies.In any office, at least 70% are ladies.

Metro Canada, free newspaper, two days before reported that,there is racial discrimination in rates between whites and non- whites.And again between ladies and gents.

I am daily commuting by public transit. I could hear lot of stories; most of them out of depression, me included. Whereas India, today is growing like anything and Warren Buffet, is lamenting that, he failed to notice India earlier.9% growth, Sensex jumping, replacement of Visa and Master Card by Rupay all just signs of emerging India.Today an average Indian office goer is getting more than $500 per month and able to save at least $50. Whereas , I am not able to save.

Rate of increment in India, is at least 20% to previous earnings to an average employee and if he is IT guy,then he is also given 200% as bonus,(Recently Cognizant Technology gave)Canada , you can not expect to cross, even 5%. The rule is between 1%- 3%

Hard living. Chill weather. I sincerely feel, for Indians, Canada is not the best option. May be for middle east, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka like that, where the human rights violation and democracy is an issue,,may be for them,Canada is good.Not for Indians.

My family, within few months of arrival understood Canada that took 6 years for me ! 

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