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: Best Bengali Food Restaurant in Gurgaon (Love an

By mnative

The menu is a sort of tribute to all restaurants and restaurants in Calcutta. One of the many reasons to come into existence was to share with the mood and great food Calcutta Calcutta ... customers with all its flavors, its twists and its turns. The menu is varied and can satisfy the palates of many. Thus, from the aromatic and full bodied tea and coffee to rich smoothies, cold drinks and fresh lemon base Sherbats, salads, appetizers, main course and dessert - the taste may be global or Desi, depending on how the customer likes it, and of course if the visitor has time on hand!

Interestingly, the Kolkata Cusine is paradoxical and has foreign influences. Calcutta culinary world of wonders - ranging from pork chops, eggs and fry to Khichudi Devilled, Beguni and Piyaji of Shorshan Maach, Chingri Lau, Chingri Malai Curry and Kosha Mangsho Chaap of Dolma and Dalnada de Labra and Sukta and Biryani, Khushka, Rezella Chelo Kebab, grilled and roast duck. From Payesh, Patisapta, Mishti Doi Rasgullas and crepe and covered with ice Brownies Cream.The variety is amazing!

For customers in motion, try the Khichudi Mangsher, Thalis Game of the no-nonsense curry and rice more elaborate Bengali Thalis, vegetarians and non vegetarians. The special weekend Bhoj and Maha Bhoj are highly recommended. It's a full course traditional Bengali fare covers all aspects of the culinary tradition of Bengali appetizers to dessert (includes 19 items). Served in a traditional way on banana leaves with each menu item served one after the other Bhoj. My pleasure. It's Soulfood.

Anglo-Indian foods are limited in number, but worth a try. Love and the mustard has a unique a la carte menu, the selection of this menu is: Baked Fish, Pot Roast, fried fish, Kosha Mangsho with Luchi parantha / Triangle, Devilled eggs, lamb biryani and Rezal ... and whole roast duck can be ordered 48 hours notice.

A nice place to hang out with office colleagues, friends and family to enjoy a lazy afternoon or conduct a luncheon meeting with business partners. The extensive menu of appetizers and drinks are designed specifically for customers who want a snack with a coffee on the side (while chatting and socializing) and for office workers wishing to work on their laptops and theft of a sandwich and a drink while doing it. The atmosphere is usually Calcutta, pleasant and friendly, with Western classical music and Bengali songs of Bengali culture icons. The superior room is a tribute to the legends of rock and metal bands from the west that the young Calcuttans to follow religiously. The tissue was conspicuous by the Heads and Representatives is also a pointer in that direction and not attract attention. The staff is friendly and quietly efficient. The mascot is known as mustard nice parked next to the door, welcoming guests into the restaurant.

It is a restaurant with seating for 35 so if you are planning a block party or kitten a meeting of office, be sure to reserve your seats in advance. A few seats outside the hall to catch a little sun in cold weather is upon request.

URL :" rel="nofollow">LINK

Address: Gallaria Shopping Complex in DLF Phase IV, Gurgaon.

Phone : +91-8802027711 and 0124-4288246

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